WIP: Culture and People


Each year we aim to have a conference bringing together Mattermost core committers, staff and community. Past MatterCons include:

  • Punta Cana, Dominican Republic (2019) - Video pending
  • Lisbon, Portugal (2018) - See video
  • Las Vegas, U.S.A. (2017) - See video

CEO Round Tables

A common practice at leading companies is to have CEO Round Tables to make sure thoughts and feelings from the broader team are clearly heard.

At Mattermost this happens over Zoom meetings with the CEO and 6-8 Individual Contributors (“ICs”). The CEO’s role is to listen to feedback from the people in the meeting, ask questions to learn more, and to take notes to share with the management team.


  • The conversation starts with asking attendees one thing that’s going well in their role and one thing that frustrates them.
  • The focus of the conversation is to listen so information can be shared with the company leadership so challenges can be addressed by the management team
  • CEO should refrain from attempting to solve problems or make statements in the meeting.
  • 70-80% of the meeting should be ICs sharing. CEO may ask clarifying questions, but speak minimally.

At the end of the meeting CEO should share back a summary with the group at the end of the meeting.

Following the meeting the CEO shares back what’s learned in the meeting with leadership team.