Leadership Principles

Leadership principles are deliberate choices defining our behavior. When facing complexity, uncertainty, or ambiguity (CUA) we determine our point of view and our actions through the lens of our values:

  • Customer Obsession — Mattermost exists to make customers successful. Every project starts with the customer perspective.
  • Ownership — Own the outcome of your actions. Act on behalf of the company, not just the team. Never say “that’s not my job.”
  • High-Impact — Choose high-impact projects over low-impact projects. Figure out what matters most and focus on those priorities.
  • Self-Awareness — Seek to understand strengths and growth opportunities while being open to criticism. Share critiques constructively and respectfully.
  • Insist on High Standards — Have relentless high standards. Continually raise the bar for high-quality products and processes.
  • Earn Trust — Make decisions based on maximizing the trust of others in your judgement. Be open, self-critical and factual.