For the benefit of candidates and the company, Mattermost offers real-world “try out” projects with Mattermost team members to simulate what it would be like to work at the company prior to hiring. The practice of auditions in open source companies was pioneered by Automattic (creators of WordPress) and detailed by Harvard Business Review in 2014. This practice has been a vital part of Mattermost culture. Candidates who show strong potential for technical and cultural fit are invited to work on tasks that are part of their desired position or to complete a project designed by their potential manager.

Past projects include:

  • Improving the Group Message Experience, a project for UX design candidates to uplevel the experience of sharing Group Message conversation history with additional users.
  • Integrations, which asks potential Product Analysts to formulate a competitive analysis between Mattermost and other products, and to develop an integrations strategy.

Auditions can include updating documentation, proposing improvements to current workflows, or anything providing candidates with a view into how we work and our current challenges.

While you’re working with us, you can join the Mattermost community site here.

Once signed-in, the following channels are recommended for observing how the core team works together with our community:

Observing these public channels as you work will give you a good sense of what it is like to work at Mattermost in a full time capacity to ensure joining the company aligns to your interests and desired career direction. You’ll also be able to interact with your potential team, as well as ask questions about the project. During the tryout, candidates will submit invoices for up to 40 hours of work (example here). All candidates will be paid $25/hour, regardless of position. Mattermost uses a standard consulting agreement template and provides instructions for invoicing at the start of the tryout. Note that the hourly rate is not necessarily representative of the final offer that would be extended to a successful candidate.