How to update the handbook

How to update the handbook


  • Be concise: Say what is essential, not more.

  • Get feedback: Have someone from your target audience read your draft to share feedback so you can savor surprises.


Follow these steps to update the handbook:

1.Sign-up - Reach out to @jason.blais on for an invite.

2. Sign-in - Go to to login via G Suite SSO then go to Click "Handbook", which brings you to the homepage:

3. Draft - Start editing the pages that you own.

4. Save - Once you're done, save your changes by clicking the green checkmark icon at bottom left corner of the screen. Note that saving your changes will not push updates live at You'll do that on the next step.

5. Verify - Verify the draft documentation communicates what you want it to say:

  1. Have someone who is not in your group read what you wrote.

  2. Have them then tell you their understanding

  3. If their understanding is not the same as your intent savor the surprise and then update the draft and repeat the process with someone else.

6. Publish - Finally, to push your changes live at, find your draft on the left hand sidebar, and click the blue Merge button.

7. Review - You can review and verify your changes at

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