Owner: Rachel Bradley-Haas

Business Operations, Data Engineering, and Analytics functions were started in December and are ever evolving. Because of how new we are, eveything on this page is currently WIP.

We are currently focused on:

  • Data collection

  • Mapping data to business logic

  • Data modeling

  • Looker (data visualization tool replacing Chartio)

  • Automating Metrics


WIP - Mattermost Metrics Google Sheet

WIP - Mattermost Data & Metric Availability

Mattermost Top Line Numbers

ARR (Annual Recurring Revenue)

  • ARR is the value of the contracted recurring revenue of your term subscriptions normalized to a one-year period

  • ARR = (Total Contract Value / (End Date - Start Date)) * 365

  • ARR Overview Dashboard: Overview of Mattermost ARR

  • ARR increases and decreases based on the following categories of change:

    • New: New Logo never seen before - Caused by a brand new and never before see Account signing a contract

    • Expansion: Increase in ARR by an Account - Caused by seat increase, price increase, or product upgrade

    • Contraction: Decrease in ARR by an Account - Caused by seat decrease, price decrease, or product downgrade

    • Churn: Decrease in ARR to $0 by an Account - Caused by an Account moving completely off of Mattermost

  • ARR Monthly Net Changes: Monthly ARR Net Changes broken down by the four categories above

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