Salesforce Administration

Effective February 25, 2020, Business Operations maintains the Salesforce Mattermost instances. This page should give you everything you need to know about getting something done in Salesforce.

Who does what?

  • Salesforce Administration: BizOps or @rachel.bradley-haas

    • Onboarding and Offboarding a user

    • Requesting a new feature that isn't for Sales or CS

    • Reporting an issue

  • Sales related: @elaine.yue

    • Lead management

    • Opportunity Pipeline management

    • Forecasting

    • Closing a Deal

    • Request a sales related feature

  • Customer Success related: @emily.hollinger

  • Everything else: BizOps

Salesforce Instances

Salesforce Applications

  • Mattermost Lightning: This is *the* application to be using moving forward. All changes and updates will be in this application.

  • Mattermost: The existing "Classic" app. Mostly used only by Sales now. This will be going away some time in 2021. No updates will be made here moving forward by BizOps.