• Make other functions wildly successful by providing stellar support with process, tooling, IT, and data-driven infrastructure and analytics


  • Trust

  • Growth

  • Iteration


  • Project Management: Define, scope, prioritize and implement the right things in Q4 and beyond.

  • Customer Journey operations: Define the Customer Journey with functional stakeholders. Build a project timeline to implement process and tooling to support all key CJ milestones. In the short term we will focus on Customer Billings, License and Provisioning (BLP)

  • Establish a data and analytics service bureau: Create data and analytics infrastructure that will be used to manage all company critical data. Work with stakeholders to document canonical definitions of key metrics. Establish a self service model for end users. A short term priority will be to begin working centralizing Product Data and Telemetry

  • MLT Vision and buy-in: Work with MLT to define and scope key MLT metrics and project milestones

  • IT systems operations: Focus on creating a catalog of all systems used at Mattermost. Identify contract details, spend, owner and users with access. Sunset systems no longer used and/or performing a duplicate function.


  • It will take time to fully understand all the needs of the company and prioritize appropriately.

  • Lack of common business and technical definitions for key company and functional metrics

  • Resources available to tackle key projects

  • Lack of central control and standardization of systems. There are a few instances where there is more than 1 system performing the same function.


  • TBD within Q4

  • Will be based on project milestones around abopve methods

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