Contingent recruiting

Standardized contingent recruiting (1%)

Mattermost may at times employ a contingent recruiter for sourcing hires in key roles in specific markets. Agreements are completed on a standard contract [link] with the following terms:

  • Fixed fee based on middle of target compensation range

    • 10% of first year base salary for an individual contributor

    • 20% of first year base salary for a manager to senior manager.

    • 90-day refund or replacement if the candidate leaves or is terminated except for reduction in force.

    • Non-solicit for 2-year from first signing or start date of latest hire.

    • Recruiters are responsible for completing background checks and providing summary documentation

    • Fee payable on presentation of invoice after new hire start date, 30 days from acceptance of invoice

The following form [link--choose hiring manager, vendor including email, target comp range, individual or manager] should be completed by a hiring manager requesting a contingent recruiting agreement, and procurement team will provide paperwork for e-sign with vendor within 1-2 business days.