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Thank you for your interest in joining the Mattermost community. Note: This section is being migrated from:

Ways to Join

There’s many ways to join the Mattermost community through our open source programs, our company and our partner ecosystem:

  • Open source contributor community for the Mattermost projects (from authorized contributor to core committer)

  • Employee and staff contributor community for for Mattermost, Inc. (employee or staff contributor)

  • Commercial partner community with Mattermost Enterprise Edition (reseller, systems integrator or technical alliance partner).

Open source contributors

Join our community of open source contributors:

Staff contributors

Become a paid member of the staff at Mattermost, Inc. as an employee or staff contributor:

Enterprise Edition Partners

Help deliver professional services and commercial software for large, enterprise-scale Mattermost deployments by joining a partner program for Mattermost Enterprise Edition:

Learning about Mattermost

Note: This section is work-in-progress, being migrated from:

Exploring Mattermost as a workplace

At Mattermost, most of the company works from home. Our headquarters is on the internet–Specifically, we work on an open test server called which runs a pre-released version of Mattermost software with all the newest features and improvements (which is occassionally unstable). The server is integrated with Zoom and employees and staff members can launch voice, video and screensharing meetings with a button click.

Joining the test server

If you’re thinking of joining Mattermost as an open source contributor, as an employee or staff contributor, or as an ecosystem partner, we welcome you to start an account on our server and see what it’s like to work here–and even try installing the mobile apps if you would like.

When you join, please use the username firstname.lastname so it’s easier to get to know you. You can create a new account from here: (select Email and Password).

A bot will suggest different channels for you to view, and you’re welcome to join any channel on the server. All the information you’ll have access to is public (employees and staff have confidential channels and workspaces on the server).

Say “Hello”

If you’re in contact with someone with an email address, such as a recruiter or hiring manager, you can message them or your hiring manager on the server by contacting them at firstname.lastname to let them know if you have joined.

Try some formatting

To practice sending messages in Mattermost, particularly around formatting, you can send messages to yourself to test out how messages will look before sending to another person.


Do you offer internships?

We don’t currently offer internships. If you’re interested in expanding your experiences and resume, please consider joining our open source community:

I’m interested in a staff position, how do I get noticed?

If you haven’t yet experienced the product, you should do that as a first step. Join our testing server at

When you apply there’s a question about your experience with Mattermost and at a minimum you should have spent some time using the product and have some opinions on what we might improve.

We hire about 70% of our R&D staff from our open source community. If you want to increase your odds further, please consider trying a beginner or intermediate open source contribution via

I’m an agency or contingent recruiter and I have a candidate for you

Thank you for thinking of us. In general, we don’t work with agency or contingent recruiters unless they are referred from people we know who can vouch for success in working with you.

Unless you fit this criteria, we would ask you remove us from your mailing list.

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