Business Operations (10%)

FY20 Business Operations VPMOM (TBA)

Vision Priorities - Methods - Automated deals under $5K Obstacles Measures - NPS for all purchase experiences, including renewals


  • Fulfill operational needs for the core business functions efficiently


1. Customer Obsession - Know our customers and align our GTM to their journeys through data, automation and process 2. Aligned Communities - One version of data across company and community 3. Conscious Competence - Understand what's working and not working 4. Earn Trust and Iterate - Systems work and continually improve 5. High Impact then Efficient - Priorities addressed and efficiency gains follow

Methods (just starting)

  1. GTM operations and reporting aligned to customer journey - Online & Enterprise | Community vs Commercial

  2. Instrumented Journey - Web, products, GTM processes consistently defined & measured

  3. Decision Support Platform - Reporting, analytics, data warehousing, automated ETL established

4. Something about data wallows/drill downs

5. Subscription Management - Purchase, renewal expansion with taxes, rev share back ends work

6. Diligence Ready - Ready for diligence on custom agreements, taxes, export regs, etc.

7. Mattermost as data platform - We are our best demo 8. Process and Documentation

FY20 Standard Operating Procedures (TBA)


  • Operate efficiently with Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) that are aligned, documented, easy-to-use and deliver value quickly


  • Alignment - SOPs should clearly align to vetted VPMOMs

  • Documented - All SOPs found online through web search

  • Easy-to-use - Experience of using SOPs is fast, obvious and forgiving

  • Agreed - RAPID feedback and agreement achieved

  • Delivery Value Quickly - We move faster with SOPs, not slower


  • Table of Contents - Public list and link all SOPs at Operations section of

  • RAPID review - Update SOPs with RAPID stakeholder review

  • Onboard and train - Include on-boarding, training for new and updated SOPs

  • SOP iteration - Measure, monitor and manage SOPs


  • Too many procedures stored in email, channels and tribal knowledge

  • Too many undocumented, unclear procedures

  • Duplicate, conflicted procedure documented

  • People not knowing about and/or following SOPs


  • Number of unlisted procedures (no TOC listing)

  • Number of undocumented procedures

  • Error rate by SOP

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