Company Operations (10%)

How Mattermost, Inc. operates as a company


Company Key Info

  • About Mattermost: Mission, vision, company overview, history

  • How to VPMOM: How we use VPMOMs to create organizational alignment at high speed

  • MLT Cadence: Cadence of Mattermost Leadership Team to develop company strategy, plan, review and adapt.


The following section lists out the public portions of VPMOMs for Fiscal Year 2020 (“FY20”), which ends January 31, 2020:


  • Be #1 high trust open core DevOps-first collaboration platform


  • Best people for function and culture - High performance, remote first

  • Openly document DevOps, product, and workplace

  • Time to value - Deliver value to customers and colleagues quickly

  • User experience - Easy-to-use, easy-to-work with

  • High output process - Scalable, reliable, vacation-ready processes that are efficient


  • Hire & onboard open source, remote-first, communities-centered team

  • Deliver high quality, DevOp-first collaboration and app platform

  • Design and scale effective customer onboarding

  • Deliver pipe by scaling online discovery, education, and trial experience

  • Build the machine to scale open core sales, direct and indirect

  • Operate efficiently ~~and fund growth~~


  • Under-resourced on support, on-boarding and best practices

  • Lack of infrastructure

  • Missing tools, automated metrics and reporting

  • Lack of recommended solutions for core DevOps integrations

  • Lack of core DevOps thought leadership across the company

  • Lack of clearly and publicly defined metrics

  • Lack of unified theory of the business


  • Top Tier sales ARR growth, net expansion and retention metrics

  • Choice destination for open source, remote-first, communities-centered candidates

  • Co-marketing with 2+ leading DevOps platforms, 2+ customer references each

  • Consistently achieve product NPS target

  • Growth in free downloads and reported trial activations

  • Growth in contributor community

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