MLT Cadence VPMOM (1%)

One-page summary on how MLT works together as a first team to meet and exceed company objectives


  • MLT delivers outstanding results with first-team mindset and cadence driving alignment, effectiveness and predictability


  • MLT is our first team - Prioritize company over departments. No one fails alone

  • Alignment - MLT in sync on plan, priorities, process and progress

  • Effectiveness - We run the company well

  • Predictability - We make progress on plan with few preventable surprises


  • Strategic, tactical and administrative MLT cadence - Stay in sync, solve problems as a team

  • Quarterly planning process (moving to halves) - Develop, adapt and finalize plans for next quarter

  • Quarterly business review - As a first team, review previous quarter and align plans for current quarter

  • Annual planning offsite - Discuss and finalize plans for the year

  • Board and adviser reviews - Check-in with board and advisers to align on annual plans

  • Team leadership workshops - Increase organizational health by investing in team cohension

  • Opportunity for leadership coaching / advisers (no obligation) - Invest in our leaders


  • Need to realign natural tendency to prioritize department over company

  • Need to make time for MLT cadence


  • MLT meets and exceeds objectives

  • Company is excited about direction and understands their contribution

  • Measures, budget and program spend agreed and stable for the period

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