Sales (50%)

Sales Key Info

FY20 Sales VPMOM


  • Build the machine to scale open core sales, direct and indirect


  • Work within the structure and process - Use Salesforce, follow guides, be consistent

  • Understand the customer and address their needs - Ask, listen, add value

  • Be super responsive - Quick on leads, inquiries, asks–time kills all deals


  • (Sales Ops) Upgrade sales ops infrastructure and automate low dollar customers

  • (SA) Deliver core demos as foundation of GTM

  • (SA) Support GTM with webinars, events, blogs and technical content

  • (Field) Repeatedly grow G2000 accounts in key regions and prepare to hire reps

  • (Sales Ops) Uniformly structure partner agreements on fulfillment and lead gen

  • (SA) De-risk onboarding with pre-sales deployment checklists in Salesforce

  • (CS) 100% renewals, uncover expansion, and close co-marketing

  • (Inside) Repeatedly grow midmarket new logo count


  • Creating awareness in the G2000 to engage

  • Prospects won’t talk to AEs for lack of compelling content

  • Need actionable info from telemetry on open source users

  • Onboarding (process, best practices, docs and training)

  • Keeping the product competitive and differentiated

  • Need top 5 most important integrations from Mattermost (e.g. WebEx)

  • Meet product the demands of new G2000 customers

  • Need to optimize pricing and packaging (repackage E10)

  • Need for greater bottoms-up interest in EE within the product


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