About Mattermost

Mattermost, Inc. is a company based on the Mattermost open source project, which is a messaging collaboration platform for team communication across mobile, web, and PC with instant search, continuous archiving, and unlimited integrations. Mattermost software is used by thousands of organizations around the world in 16 languages.
What we do: Mattermost, Inc. helps solve collaboration challenges for developers, operators & security teams so organizations can focus on business-critical tasks.
Who we serve: We serve organizations that need to speed application delivery by improving collaboration while maintaining security and privacy. We help solve:
  • Complicated communications: Silos across networks, data, tools, and teams causing delay, duplication, and re-work.
  • Unpredictable results: Teams approaching the same problems with inconsistent methods and outcomes, resulting in uncertainty and lack of trust.
  • Outages and downtime: Lack of clarity and tooling increases and prolongs system failures, impacting business results and market confidence.
What we offer: We help by providing a secure, privacy-conscious collaboration platform to build, operate, defend and heal software systems. Core benefits include:
  • Awareness: Privately deliver customized, cross-org data, alerting, and dashboards across web, PC, and mobile increasing speed and efficiency.
  • Process: Observe, prioritize, coordinate, and escalate process and priorities in a tailored experience to increase predictability and trust across teams and organizations.
  • Response: Solve issues proactively and reactively with data, people, tools, and controls in one place, improving business outcomes, and building market confidence.


Our mission is to make the world more safe and productive by developing and delivering secure, open source collaboration software that is trusted, flexible, and offers fast time-to-value.

Leadership Principles

Leadership principles are deliberate choices defining our behavior. When facing complexity, uncertainty, or ambiguity (CUA) we determine our point of view and our actions through the lens of our values:
  • Customer Obsession: We exist to make customers successful. In everything we do, start with customer perspective and work backwards. Earn and keep their trust.
  • Ownership: Own the outcomes of your activity. Don’t drop the ball. When we see a vacuum on something important, we jump in – we never say “it’s not my job.”
  • High Impact: Align work to our shared vision and focus on those priorities. When deciding to work on low impact or high impact projects, choose high impact.
  • Self-Awareness: We understand and seek to understand our strengths and growth opportunities, as individuals and organizations. We are open to critique and share critique constructively and respectfully.
  • Earn Trust: Make decisions based on maximizing the trust of others in your judgement. Be open, self-critical, and factual. Earn and keep peoples' trust.


We see a $30B+ market opportunity in the collaboration space and the growth of “open source collaboration” accelerating vs proprietary solutions. Open source has already commoditized operating systems, databases, tooling, and virtualization infrastructure. We see the entry of open source into the application layer driving fast adoption of a new generation of open source and open core solutions, inherently more flexible, trustworthy, and economical than past models.

Products and Business Model

Mattermost, Inc is a commercial open source company with a subscription-based, buyer-based open core licensing model.
Mattermost Team Edition Audience: Development team that wants to self-host workplace messaging in private network
Our core product is Mattermost Team Edition offered under an open source MIT license. It's built for a team of 10 to 50 developers and IT professionals who need to self-host a workplace messaging platform. Developer-focused features including web, desktop, and mobile apps, core integrations with DevOps platforms, archiving, search, and extensibility framework are offered in the open source core at no cost.
Mattermost Team Edition is packaged as a single Linux binary that's straightforward to install and maintain, with automated deployment from public cloud marketplaces including AWS, Azure, VMWare, and GCP.
Mattermost Enterprise Edition
Audience: IT organization needing to self-host workplace messaging in private network for multiple development teams, or other end users in high trust environments
Mattermost Enterprise Edition is an extended version of Mattermost Team Edition offered under a proprietary license priced with a user-based annual subscription. It offers features designed for IT organizations to manage multiple teams of developers and other end users in high trust environments with Single Sign-on, Active Directory/LDAP integration, eDiscovery support, and High Availability deployment configurations.
Different packages of commercial features are offered based on buyer needs.
For more information, see our Product Overview and open source repository at


Mattermost is an open source, remote-first, communities-centered company based in Palo Alto, California and headquartered on the internet.
Open source means that by default we make our technology, business process and source code available to the public. We develop a small portion as proprietary technology, built upon our open source work, to license for subscription fees that enable more high quality open source work to be produced. Since the start of the Mattermost open source project in 2015, we have used this model to develop effective open source solutions for the world to use. This model is sometimes called Thin Open Core.
Remote-first means that the majority of our staff works from home, cottages, coffee shops and other personal areas, rather than at a shared corporate office location. Mattermost was born in an extraordinary age where remote-first organizations can attract, hire and enable remote teams to produce better technology, business process and business results in less time than office-based teams, while maintaining security and compliance standards.
Remote-first culture flourishes when we share one simple principle: Courtesy. Courtesy means Mattermosters are thoughtful about keeping our communities appropriately informed, following etiquette for discussions, calls and video meetings, and giving and receiving feedback on how to work better together. Courtesy also means we gladly accommodate those who prefer to work out of a dedicated office. We are remote-first, not remote-only.
Communities-centered means we define our success in the context of the success of our communities: users, customers, implementers, resellers, technology partners, contributors, and colleagues. The success of each community is owned by a member of the Mattermost leadership team. The plural definition of “communities” is intended to avoid unconsciously marginalizing downstream stakeholders.
Based in Palo Alto, California and headquartered on the internet means the mailing address for Mattermost, Inc. is in Palo Alto, California, and our headquarters is on the internet, specifically the production-quality Mattermost instance at Our online headquarters is where Mattermost staff work with our communities of colleagues, users, partners, customers, candidates, contributors, and other community members to envision, develop, and refine new open source technologies to make the world safer and more productive.
The Mattermost logomark is called "the instrument". It represents four tools organizations need to achieve their highest priorities: A compass for direction, a clock to set pace, a meter to measure output, and a dial representing inputs - the contribution of everyone on the team.
See brand guidelines for usage guidance.