Cloud Platform

Who We Are

Platform (Cloud) team is responsible for the underlying services which support the orchestration of Mattermost Cloud in terms of provisioning, rolling out, and updating the customer's Mattermost server fleet. In parallel, the team boosts developer productivity using the same services to improve the cloud developer experience.


Enable everyone to build and deploy with high velocity in a self-serve manner.


  • Influence Cloud readiness
  • Input driven decision making
  • Encourage best practices and keep quality standards high
  • Keep experimenting
  • Keep documentation fresh


  • Balance stability and experimentation
  • Embrace teamwork
  • Leave the room better than it was
  • Data/Feedback driven to find the best solution
  • Distributed systems, distributed team
  • Be curious and keep learning
  • Share knowledge and seek feedback

Ask for Help

If you need our assistance, please follow the General Workflow
More ways to reach us:
  1. 1.
    For support questions related to production, you can reach us in the ~cloud-support channel.
  2. 2.
    For all the other questions, you can reach us in the ~cloud-platform-team channel.

How We Work

General Workflow

  1. 1.
    Mattermost staff open new issues in the Platform Board.
  2. 2.
    Every new issue goes through an Issue Triage weekly.

Areas of Ownership

The team regularly works on the following tasks, listed in order of priority:
  • Ensuring provisioning, rolling out and controlling the workspaces fleet with an automated manner (eg. provisioner, k8s operator)
  • Improving developer productivity by providing self-serve capabilities for testing environments within the cloud developer platform (e.g. spinwick cloud plugin.
  • Ensuring and supporting other teams for cloud readiness (e.g. Mattermost migrations, database connection pooling)


Triage & Planning
Platform Planning
SRE, Platform
Cloud & Growth Sync
Cloud Engineering
SRE, Release, Platform, Growth