How to book airfare and travel

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Mattermost is enrolled in The United PassPlus for Business program. This is a prepaid annual program which gives Mattermost discounted and preferential rates. United PassPlus is our preferred and simple solution to booking business travel without using a personal credit card. We recommend using PassPlus to compare rates prior to booking alternative travel, however use your best judgement in optimizing for price and travel mana (i.e. inefficient routes) All flights should be booked in economy unless your travels are eligible for Upgrades.

  1. Booking Platform: United PassPlus and Star Alliance Travel Partners vs other airlines or ticketing websites (e.g. Expedia, Delta, etc. which is outside of policy)

  2. Convenience: direct flights on alternative airline versus 1 or more layovers on United or other Star Alliance Airlines.

  3. Timing: is this a last minute business trip or planned event (last minute is defined as anything 2 weeks or less from the date of the event which is outside of policy)

Making reservations

When booking reservations via United PassPlus, you have two options:

  1. Manage your own reservation(s)

  2. Work directly with the Travel Team to help reserve your flights

If you are working with the Travel Team, please complete the following information gathering Form. Please direct all travel related questions on the form.

If handling your reservations, please follow the step by step instructions under United PassPlus Instructions Should you need help with reservations, please call the following numbers: 800-727-7752 or 313-234-6903.

The United PassPlus Account can be used to book fares on all Star Alliance carriers. Simply use the details in the UATP Instructions as a credit card. If you run into issues, please reach out to Hanna Park (@hanna.park) or Amy Nicol (@amy.nicol).

United PassPlus instructions

For step by step on booking United Flights, refer to UATP Instructions


Airfare upgrades are not reimbursable. If you have a medical need that requires anything other than economy, please follow the Manager Approval process.

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