Post-publication quality control process

Quality control process is a work-in-progress, but is based on the principles of iteration and empowering everyone to write an MVP.


Everyone in our community, including users, contributors and staff, should feel empowered to contribute minimal documentation that adds to or improves existing content.

Typical barriers to contributing includes:

  • Uncertainty of where to add content

  • Uncertainty of how to structure the content (paragraphs etc)

  • Too many rules and guidelines

  • English not first language

  • Intimidating comments or feedback

  • Limited or no experience in writing documentation

Our quality control process should ensure we reduce or in some cases remove these barriers to empower everyone to contribute to our public web properties.


In addition to empowerement, a second key principle is iteration.

When we iterate, we do the smallest thing possible that adds value, and get it out as quickly as possible. By iterating in partnership with stakeholders, we're quickly listening, understanding, learning, and shipping.

Thus, the quality control process will be focused on post-publication, where updates can be made after the initial version of content has been published.

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