Open Roles

Mattermost's openings can be found here.

Hiring plans are created twice a year, and reviewed every quarter. Hiring Managers and department leads can request additional headcount by completing an Issue/Solution Proposal and sharing with Ian Tien and Aneal Vallurupalli.

Hiring across the globe

We currently support hiring in the following countries/regions:

  • Canada, Finland, Georgia, Germany, Mauritius, Philippines, South Africa, Turkey, United Kingdom, United States

We are constantly working towards adding more countries/regions to this list, but it takes a lot of time and resources. This list will be updated as we are able to hire in additional countries/regions.

Due to local laws, there may be restrictions on which types of roles we can hire in each country/region.

Hiring in the United States

We currently have staff in the following U.S. states:


Preparing to hire an employee in a new state takes time, and we may be subject to new regulations, taxes, and reporting obligations. If a candidate is progressing in the interview process and would be living and working from a U.S. state not listed above, the Recruiter will DM @tim.quock with the state and the title of the position the candidate may fill at least three weeks prior to an anticipated offer.


Staff agreements are conditioned upon the country/region of residence noted in a staff member's contract. Location change requests should be discussed with HR and your MLT member. Staff must receive written approval from the Company prior to a country/region relocation.


Lever is our Applicant Tracking System (ATS). It is where our Recruiters, Recruiting Coordinators, and Hiring Managers organize open roles, track a candidate’s progress throughout the recruiting process, collect feedback, and record data. It is important that all candidates, interviews, and feedback are recorded accurately in Lever because all of our data and insights are pulled from Lever. Without accurate data in Lever, we aren’t able to iterate on the process to deliver a better hiring experience for candidates, hiring managers, and the business overall.

All conversations about candidate feedback, referrals, or compensation are considered confidential and need to be discussed in Lever, and not in Mattermost.

Hiring Managers and interviewers commit to submitting feedback in Lever within 12 hours of the interview.

As Appropriate Interviews ("AA"s)

To ensure the quality bar and culture of Mattermost is strong and rising, an "As Appropriate" interview is required with a senior, tenured Mattermost staff member for any candidate before an offer can be extended.

Typically the AA is the last person on the interview loop and scheduled in advance and cancelled if the candidate doesn't get through the loop-- i.e. an AA interview should not slow down the interview process.

The following list of people are approved as As Appropriate interviewers (aka "AA"s):

  • Ian Tien, CEO and co-founder

  • Corey Hulen, CTO and co-founder

Each AA interviewer should have at least 3 reserved slots per week available for AA interviews, ideally in different timezone ranges, providing capacity for 12 new hires per month per AA.

Checklist for As Appropriate Interview

24 hours before an AA interview, the candidate's Lever profile should include:

  1. Hire/No Hire feedback from everyone on the interview loop.

  2. Attachments of any work artifacts produced during the interview loop.

  3. Any open questions from interviewers that have not been covered.

  4. Notes on any backchannel references completed. For any confidential feedback please use SECRET NOTE with mention to the AA and leave out the name of the source.