Mattermost's mission is to make the world safer and more productive by developing and delivering secure, open source collaboration software that is trusted, flexible, and offers fast time-to-value.

Bring Your Best Self to Work at Mattermost

We care about enabling our communities, and for staff this means that we strive to foster a high trust and results-focused culture - results matter far more than hours spent in an office. While our headquarters is in Palo Alto, California, we use Mattermost software to work as a distributed organization around the world in partnership with our community.

If you're considering a role at Mattermost, here are the Top 10 Reasons to work at Mattermost:

  1. Join an outstanding team: Work with thoughtful, talented, high performance people who care about results.

  2. Build on the cutting edge: Develop in Golang, React, React Native, and other technologies that are changing the world.

  3. Work anywhere: No commute, freedom to travel, complete control of your environment.

  4. Be recognized: Working in open source, your contributions are public and echo on throughout your career.

  5. Growth: Join a growing open source project, a growing business, and a growing company.

  6. Do good: Build open source software benefiting thousands of companies, institutions, schools, and non-profits.

  7. Improve a product you use every day: Work on a team with deep empathy for users and customers.

  8. Focus on results: Output matters, not hours worked. Enjoy life and don’t burn out.

  9. Learn, Master, Teach: Building new skills, becoming experts, and training others is core to our culture.

  10. Friends around the world: Build relationships with staff and contributors in dozens of countries.

Interview Stages

We can hire from many countries and regions across the globe. While in-office interviews typically go through 1 - 3 interview rounds, our candidates and interviewers may be located in various timezones and therefore each interview is scheduled separately. The stages are as follows:

  1. Recruiter Screen: This person is a candidate's main point of contact during the interview process at Mattermost. For some roles, Hiring Managers may incorporate a recruiter screen within their first interview with a candidate.

  2. Hiring Manager, Technical, and Team Interviews: This portion typically consists of 3 - 4 interviewers. In addition to the Hiring Manager, candidates can expect to interview with team and cross-team members who will work closely with, or similarly to, the individual in this role.

  3. Interview Project: All take-home projects will list the expected amount of time expected to complete. We really appreciate all of the time spent completing a take-home project. As a 'thank you,' candidates will be invited to select a gift option upon completion of the project.

  4. Final Interviews: This typically includes the Hiring Team's MLT and one of our co-founders. Note: For Director and above interviews, both Mattermost co-founders will interview candidates.

  5. Final Decision: A member of the Hiring Team will reach out to you to let you know our decision.

We hope that you have a great experience interviewing at Mattermost and welcome any feedback you may have. We may invite candidates to share feedback about our interview process so we may continually improve the process and experience.

Open Roles

Mattermost's openings can be found here.

Hiring plans are created twice a year and reviewed every quarter. Hiring Managers and department leads can request additional headcount by completing an Issue/Solution Proposal and sharing with the CEO and VP, Finance & Operations.

Hiring Across the Globe

We currently support hiring in the following countries/regions:

  • Canada, Chile, Finland, Georgia, Germany, India, Mauritius, Philippines, Poland, South Africa, Turkey, Ukraine, United Kingdom, United States

We are constantly working towards adding more countries/regions to this list, but it takes a lot of time and resources. This list will be updated as we are able to hire in additional countries/regions.

Due to local laws, there may be restrictions on which types of roles we can hire in each country/region.

Hiring in the United States

We currently have staff in the following U.S. states:


Preparing to hire an employee in a new state takes time, and we may be subject to new regulations, taxes, and reporting obligations. If a candidate is progressing in the interview process and would be living and working from a U.S. state not listed above, the Recruiter will DM @tim.quock with the state and the title of the position the candidate may fill at least three weeks prior to an anticipated offer.

Candidate Frequently Asked Questions

Does Mattermost offer home office benefits?

We want staff to have full control of their own space. As such, we offer a guideline on home office purchases, including what Mattermost covers.

We also will reimburse a portion of team member's monthly mobile device subscriptions and home internet cost.

Can I expense a co-working space?

We understand that working from home every day may not be practical for every individual. We will reimburse staff for flexible office space.

Can I enroll in an external course or class related to my role?

Yes, team members can receive reimbursement for professional development annually.

Are there core hours that I'll be expected to work?

We have a weekly all-company Customer Obsession Meeting. We understand staff may not be able to attend every week. The meeting is 25 minutes and a recording is shared internally for staff that may not be able to attend. There may be team-specific schedule requirements depending on the team and role, such as teams with SLAs or on-call requirements. Your Recruiter or Hiring Manager will indicate any specific team core hours during the interview process.

Referral Program

Mattermost staff and Community members are eligible to receive a $500 USD referral bonus if the candidate they refer is hired and completes 90 days of service with Mattermost.

Referral Criteria

  • A candidate who is not currently being considered for a role at Mattermost.

  • A candidate who has been personally introduced and connected with a member of the Recruiting team or the Hiring Manager.

  • The candidate must be submitted in Lever.

  • Both the staff member and the referred hire must be employed by Mattermost at the payroll date following 90 days of service to receive the bonus.

Who Isn't Eligible to Receive the Bonus

  • Co-founders, C-levels, and Vice Presidents are not eligible to receive the referral bonus.

  • Hiring Managers are not eligible to receive the bonus for staff that will report to them because hiring is a large part of a Manager's responsibilities.

  • Referral bonuses are not given if there are external recruiting agency fees associated with hiring the new staff member.

  • Agencies and external recruiters without a contracted relationship with Mattermost are not eligible to receive the bonus.

  • Reach out to the Director of HR (DM: @natalie.jew) with any referral bonus eligibility questions.

Receiving the Referral Bonus

  • Employees of a Mattermost entity receive payment through regular payroll.

  • Contractors add the bonus amount to their invoices.

  • Contributors receive payment through a third party payment, such as virtual gift card.


Staff agreements are conditioned upon the country/region of residence noted in a staff member's contract. Location change requests should be discussed with HR and your MLT member. Staff must receive written approval from the company prior to a country/region relocation.