Messaging and Math

1% DRAFT. Overview of Marketing department and where to find materials

Why "Messaging and Math"?

Rather than always call a department "Marketing"--which is an extremely broad term that involves every interaction prospects, customers, our broader community and the industry has with our brand, product and company--we use the short-hand "Messaging and Math" to refer to the core functions of the department:

MESSAGING: Define and refine the message we send to audiences (prospects, customers, community and industry) about our position and value. This work spans product marketing, corporate marketing, brand, PR, AR and corporate communications.

MATH: Define and deliver the infrastructure and campaigns to quantitatively advance our audiences in their audience journeys based on their specific interests, needs and questions. This includes website development and optimization, and demand generation campaigns across events, advertising, and email.

Team, Cadence, Channels, and Tools

M&M works largely in Mattermost, Asana, and Zoom in North American timezone.



  • @lauren.nguyen - Product marketing

  • @adam.gross - Adviser

  • @lindsay.brock - Product management

  • @zach.trayner - Website manager

    • - WayFX website agency

  • @justin.reynolds - Copywriting


  • @leah.liebler - Revenue marketing

  • @kendall.reicherter - Marketing operations

  • @amanda.venezia - Events, paid campaigns


M&M Leadership Weekly Tactical (55m)

Weekly check-in to clear tactical issues:

  • Scorecard

    • Downloads and sign-ups

    • Contributors

    • 1 HN front page post/quarter

  • Current projects

    • Issue

    • Priority

    • Resolution

  • New business discussion

Channels and Key Resources


  • M&M runs largely in Asana and Mattermost DRI for this page: Jason Blais