Blog post checklist

1% DRAFT (revised by Justin Reynolds on Dec 30, 2019)

Below is a checklist for blog posts published in

  • Does the post have an exciting title?

    • Make sure it’s in sentence case

  • Does the post look good on mobile?

    • Shrink browser to make sure content is mobile-optimized, including images and videos

  • Does the post use sub headers?

    • In H2 style

  • Does the post have meta data?

    • Make sure each post has a meta tag

    • All posts need to have an OpenGraph image that automatically populates on social shares

    • When you don’t have a specific image, use this

  • Does the post have a call-to-action?

    • Make sure the reader’s desired next action is clear

  • Is the post written by someone not affiliated with Mattermost? If so:

    • Add an editor's note explaining that at the bottom of the post:

  • Does the post have images? If so:

    • Images should be crisp and clear (see: Screenshot and GIF guidelines)

    • Images that “bleed” into the whitespace should have a grey (#F7F9FA) 1px border on all four edges

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