Frequently asked questions

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Where do I register my laptop? Do I need to register other equipment?

Please register your laptop as soon as you receive it here. Please also register equipment valued over $500 USD, such as phones and monitors.

How do I set up two-factor authentication?

Please see our guide on G Suite and Okta two-factor authentication. Check out more "how to" guides here!

What is the company’s address and phone number?

530 Lytton Avenue, Second floor, Palo Alto, CA, 94301, USA

+1 (650) 667-8512

Where can I find more information about Mattermost?

May I sign documents or agreements on behalf of the company?

Only the Mattermost, Inc. CEO can sign documents on behalf of the company, with the one and only exception being signing an on-site NDA (non-disclosure agreement) in order to enter a building. More on that here.

Who should I contact if I need supplies or equipment, and what’s the company’s expense policy?

Please review Mattermost’s policy on spending company money. You don't have to ask permission before making purchases on behalf of the company. When in doubt, inform your manager before the purchase or as soon as possible after the purchase.

Who should I contact for information about my salary, benefits, or other confidential or sensitive matters?

Email with any questions or concerns about confidential matters.

I’d like to take some time off. What’s the process for that?

  • Discuss the dates you plan to take off with your manager, and decide who will be your backup.

  • For meetings you’ll miss, message the chair with any status updates.

  • Post in the Stand-up channel the dates you’ll be away and who will be your backup. Add the hashtag #timeoff somewhere in your message so people can spot it easily.

  • Book time off in BambooHR. The dates will appear in Bamboo's Who's Out Calendar, so it’s easy for the team to see who is going to be away. More details here.

  • Optional: Add an out of office reply in Account Settings > Notifications > Automatic Direct Message Replies.

  • Note:

    • If you're taking time off for a personal or family illness in excess of three days, please contact

    • Company holidays are listed here, but please take off on holidays that are relevant to your culture, country of residence, and preferences.

You can create an iCalendar Feed to link BambooHR's Who's Out Calendar to your GCalendar.

Where can I find templates?

  • Navigate to Google Drive.

  • Click the New button.

  • Click the type of file you want (e.g. Google Docs, Google Sheets).

  • Select From a template.

  • Select Mattermost from the template gallery.

When should I use email, and when should I use Mattermost?

Whenever possible, communicate using Mattermost. Email is typically reserved for communication with external parties. Everyone is encouraged to join us on Mattermost.

How do I create a channel in Mattermost?

  • Search for the channel in both the Staff and Contributors teams. If the channel does not exist, create it with a clear name, e.g. “Customer Support”. By default the channel should be public in the Contributors team.

    • If private customer or company information is shared, the channel should be in the Staff team.

    • If PII or confidential staff information is shared, the channel should be private, and in the Staff team.

  • Add relevant members to the channel.

  • Create a scratch doc in Google Doc for the channel, e.g. “Customer Support Scratch”.

  • Share permissions for channel members to edit the Google Doc.

  • Add a link to the Google Doc in channel header, using Markdown formatting, e.g. `[Customer Support Scratch](link to Google Doc)`.

What channels should I join to get a feel for the company?

Whenever possible, we share key updates and have discussions in Mattermost. Some of the recommended channels we use are listed below. Note that some channels are available on the Community server and others are available on the Mattermost Staff server.

Community channels

Mattermost Staff channels

  • Announcements - Mattermost-wide announcements

  • Customer Feedback - Discussion of customer feedback

  • Customer Success - Updates from, and general discussion with, the Mattermost customer success team

  • Customer Support - Discussion of customer support ticket escalations

  • Marketing - Campaign ideas and general marketing team discussions

  • Marketing Website [P] - Website bugs, release notes, and web discussions

  • Roadmap - Questions about and discussion of the product roadmap, or to view the public roadmap listed in the header

  • Sales: General Questions - Discussion of all types of sales inquiries/questions

  • Stand-up - Share availability updates, such as "Going to the dentist, back shortly"

  • UX Design - Questions and discussion about product design

  • Welcome - Where new staff members are introduced on their first day

What does 0/5 mean?

0/5 means you are not very committed or attached to an outcome. 5/5 indicates full confidence and that you would stake your reputation on the opinion. More about these and other terms can be found here.

I am planning to move. What do I need to know?

  • Staff contracts are conditioned upon the country/region of reference listed in signed agreements. If you plan to change your residence from the location listed in your agreement, you must receive prior written approval from the company.

  • Upon written approval, please update BambooHR.

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