How to write Mattermost Recipes

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Mattermost Recipes

Mattermost recipes are technical posts that show how to use Mattermost alongside other services or demonstrate Mattermost features. They consist of three main parts and one optional part:

  • Problem: This is a concise description of a specific task the solution section will cover. For example, “You have an LDAP server and want to use it for Mattermost authentication” or “You want to use Mattermost with Google Calendar to send meeting reminders to certain channels.”

  • Solution: The solution is the steps required to solve the problem. Be sure to focus on the “how” and not the “why”. Use code and configuration examples, and screenshots where necessary to be as clear as possible.

  • Discussion: This section discusses the strategy used in the solution, and also points out opportunities for extending the solution. If there are any tools or techniques used in the solution, this is the place you can elaborate on them.

  • See Also: The final section is optional, and is for links to other documentation about the tools mentioned in the recipe.

For an example Mattermost recipe, please read this blog post.

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