How to autolink keywords in Mattermost

On the Mattermost Community Server, specific keywords in messages, such as MLT, display and behave as links that take you to a documented definition of the word MLT. These keyword links are particularly helpful for new Mattermost staff members ramping up on Mattermost-specific terms and processes.

We often refer to these hyperlinked keywords as autolinks because they're created using a Mattermost plugin called Autolink.

To add a new autolink on the Mattermost Community Server:

  1. Define the word and URL to autolink on. For example, the term ISP is linked to the issue/solution process documentation in the Mattermost Handbook.

  2. On the Mattermost Community Server in the Community Configuration channel, ask to help add the new autolink to the Mattermost server. This ensures that everyone on the Mattermost Community Server benefits from having a quick definition at their fingertips when the term is used in messages and threads. For an example request, see:

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