Formal review process

This is the review process for the Mid-Year and Winter (formal) Performance Reviews. Note: calibration will differ between Mid-Year and Winter. See Timeline for detailed instructions.

Confirm level expectations for roles are up to date

If any level descriptions need to be updated or written, Managers complete them before the review cycle begins.

Manager training

Before each review cycle, Managers read the performance review chapter in High Output Management. Managers will be invited to attend Manager Training on Performance Management at Mattermost at the beginning of the Annual Performance Review cycle. If you don't have a copy, use this form to request a copy.

Feedback panel requests

All FT staff participating in the review cycle will receive a notification via email as well as a task on your Lattice home page asking you to nominate peers for feedback. To get started, click choose peer reviewers from the email notification -OR- click the Select your peer reviewers task from your Lattice Home page and search for the peers you'd like to nominate. . On the nomination page, enter the names of the peers you would like to nominate. Review and Confirm nominations by clicking submit nominations. We recommend selecting 3-5 peers who can effectively provide feedback on achievements and performance over the past 6 months. Peer nomination selections will be sent to your manager to be finalized. More information on peer nominations is available here.

Once your direct report has completed their nominations, Managers will receive an email and a task in your Lattice home page inbox. You are able to either (a) approve your direct report's nominations and immediately send feedback requests to their peer selection, or (b) edit their nominations or add new peers for additional feedback. You can find more information on how to approve your direct reports' peer nominations here. Depending on the role, PT Staff and community members may be solicited to provide feedback in addition to the peer panel selected in Lattice. Once complete, your requests will be scheduled to be sent when the feedback stage starts. Managers may return to this page to send more requests up until the end of the feedback stage. More information for managers on managing the peer selection process is available here.

Prior to selecting peer panels and writing performance reviews for their direct reports, managers should review Lattice's guide on navigating reviews for managers here.

Peer feedback

Staff who have received peer feedback requests will receive an email and a task on their Lattice home page. To complete the request, click give feedback. You may decline the request if you don't have feedback to share; however, staff are encouraged to provide feedback when selected as a peer reviewer. Peer reviews help give managers a fuller picture by removing potential blindspots on how their direct reports are performing as it relates to their AORs, goals and growth opportunities, which ultimately helps your peers improve performance and growth potential at Mattermost.

Self reflection

Full-time staff will receive an email via Lattice to complete their self-assessment. To get started, log in to Lattice and navigate to your home page where you'll find a request to complete your self-reflection. Once your self-reflection has been submitted, managers are able to make comments directly in your self-reflection document. Prior to writing their self-reflections, full-time staff should review Lattice's guide on completing performance reviews here.

Performance Review

Once self-reviews and peer feedback have been completed, Managers will receive a notification from Lattice inviting them to write the performance reviews. Managers will read all feedback from the peer panel and self-assessment, and will incorporate their feedback based on their own performance expectations of this role.

When the review is complete, Managers will not share the reviews with their reports until calibration has been completed and any changes have been approved. HR will turn on "sharing" after all results have been finalized. Managers will then share the reviews with their direct reports accordingly. Note: It's helpful to share the review ahead of the 1:1 meeting to allow for time to read and digest feedback.


All people Managers within the same department or other group that the Team MLT indicates will participate in calibrations.

Managers will share their review expectation ratings (meets, exceeds, does not meet), any recommendations for a level change and/or a promotion, in the performance review for each of their reports. This recommendation is not shared with reports. HR will prepare calibration reports for each department/team and will share the report with the calibration group ahead of the meeting. During the meeting, Managers share feedback on any performance metric and apply high standards in evaluation against the criteria for staff members' role and level.

Compensation review and change memos

All compensation changes require approval of the CFO and the CEO.

  1. HR will review compensation data with each Team MLT 1:1, asynchronously.

  2. HR, Team MLT, and required comp approvers meet to discuss, with email approval to follow and finalize with all attendees CC'd.

  3. HR will send compensation change memos to each individual upon confirmation that the compensation news has been shared.

Review discussion

Using your direct report's peer feedback and self assessment, deliver feedback with tangible and thoughtful feedback. This includes: accompolishments, areas of strength and opportunity for growth, and your evaluation of how your direct performance either meets, exceeds, or does not meet your expectations. If performance does not meet your expectations there will be a plan to improve performance, this may be informal or formal.

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