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VP, Human Resources
Senior Manager, People
People Generalist

Have a Question for the People Team?

People Topic
Who to Ask?
Offer Letters and Employment Agreements
Employment Verification Letters
see request instructions here, Email: [email protected]
Mattermost Invitation Letter (for Visa Application)
see request instructions below and complete this form
US Benefits
Loc: USA
Canada Benefits
General HR Questions
Ask the People Team (Non-Confidential) and [email protected] (Confidential)
Ask the Recruiting Team (Non-Confidential)
Workplace Program Questions & Updates
Questions: Ask the People Team, Email: [email protected], Updates: Social: Workplace Programs or Workplace Calendar (Found on the BambooHR Homepage under "Company Links"
Total Rewards

People Team SLAs

What is an SLA? An SLA is an agreement that details the expectations and obligations of a service provider to a client.
Common People Team Request
Compensation Review Requests (for candidates/offers)
2 business days
General Recruiting Questions
1 business day
Opening a Requisition
1 business day
Posting a Job
2 business days
In-take ICP & Job Description
2-4 business days
Recruiting New Agency Support
5-7 business days
Requesting a Recruiter Screen
1 business day
Reference Check Request
1 business day
Offer Letters
All Approvals given by 4 PM ET will go out same day
General, Non-Urgent HR Questions
Response: 1 business day, Solution: within 3 business days (for non-complex issues)
US Benefit Overviews from TriNet for Candidates
2-3 business days
Employment Change/Comp Adjustment Letters
3 business days (after all approvals received)
Letters of Employment and Employment Verifications
2 business days
Mattermost Invitation Letter (for Visa Application)
2 business days
General Workplace Questions
Response: 1 business day, Solution: within 3 business days (for non-complex issues)
Workplace Program Proposals
Response in 2-3 business days
New Hire Equipment
2 weeks
Refresh Equipment (for current staff)
2 weeks

Important Note

  • DO NOT share confidential HR information in the Mattermost Community server, as it runs pre-production releases of Mattermost software and occasionally requires debugging of data stores. Use BambooHR to handle passport information, ID numbers, and other sensitive data. HR issues (e.g. health, extenuating circumstances, etc.) should be discussed in emails only.

General Information

Office Address

Mattermost, Inc. is located at:
Mattermost, Inc.
530 Lytton Avenue, 2nd Floor
Palo Alto, CA, 94301

Phone Number

The official phone number for Mattermost, Inc. is +1 (650) 667-8512. All company phone calls are received via Ruby, our virtual receptionist app. Full-time staff members who wish to be added to the directory should contact [email protected] or [email protected].

Letter of Employment

If you need a letter from Mattermost verifying your employment or contractor status, please send the request to [email protected] citing what information is needed.
For example, monthly fee, salary, start date, title, etc. People team will send you the letter once it is completed.
If you are a U.S. staff member and on payroll through TriNet, see TriNet Contact Information. Please make sure to include the TriNet Employer Code when you share TriNet contact information with your verifying institution.

Mattermost Invitation Letter (for Visa Application)

If you are traveling on behalf of the company and need an invitation letter as a part of the visa application process, please complete this form. People team will write a letter based off of the information you provide in the form and will send it to you within 2 business days.
If you would like a letter confirming traveling insurance when traveling on behalf of the company, please review the Business Travel Insurance section of the handbook and complete the AIG Travel Insurance Generation Form.

Regular Compensation

  1. 1.
    Employees of our US entity, Mattermost, Inc., receive salary by semi-monthly direct deposit via TriNet. Pay slips are available via TriNet’s portal.
  2. 2.
    Employees of our Canadian entity receive salary by direct deposit semi-monthly via Vistra.
  3. 3.
    Employees of our German entity receive salary by direct deposit monthly via Vistra.
  4. 4.
    Employees of our UK entity receive salary by direct deposit monthly via Vistra.
  5. 5.
    Contractors to Mattermost, Inc. via Deel receive payment monthly via Deel. Invoices are automatically generated.
  6. 6.
    Contractors to Mattermost, Inc. (direct) should email invoices monthly with:
    TO: [Email specified in "Mattermost Invoice Instructions" emailed with your on-boarding instructions]
    CC: [Email of your manager]
  • For ‘fixed fee’ contracts, it is fine to send invoice before the time period covered. Example: An invoice for services April 1-30 can be sent on April 25.
  • Your manager should reply on the email with any feedback on the invoice.


BambooHR is our Human Resources Information System (HRIS). BambooHR is a single source of truth for staff information, and data updates are supported by the following directly responsible individuals:
  • The People team uses BambooHR to store and update staff job information, records and important documents, for HR reporting and analytics, and to create new hire onboarding and offboarding workflows.
  • Staff use BambooHR to update their personal and emergency contact information, to submit their PTO, and to reference the organizational chart and staff directory.
  • Managers use BambooHR to approve their team's PTO, receive onboarding/offboarding notifications, approve appropriate changes for their team and/or direct reports. Note: managers will receive requests via a BambooHR notification sent to a Manager's Mattermost email address. Managers can click through the email notification to approve or approve directly in BambooHR.
  • Executive Assistants (EAs) are able to update personal information for the MlT team members they support, and to be vacation-ready any appropriate back-up EAs will be able to update personal information as-needed.
  • To access the system go to and use your Mattermost credentials to log in.
Resources: How-to for Staff Members

Culture Amp

  • Culture Amp is our Engagement and Performance Platform.
  • The People team uses Culture Amp to gain insight across the employee experience, using employee engagement surveys, continuous feedback, 360 reviews, and goal tracking.
  • Staff use Cuture Amp for performance reviews such as 90-day reviews and 360 performance reviews, for engagement and employee experience surveys, and goal tracking.
  • To access the system go to Culture Amp or Okta.
  • Note that as of March 2021, Culture Amp will not be supporting Internet Explorer 11.

Other Key Channels and Resources