Naming files and agreements

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Data filing process

We want any document completed or signed at Mattermost to be easily accessible and pulled for future audits, fund raising, legal requirements, and more. We have a simple, but purposeful way of collecting this information. Once a binding document has been completed or signed, please send this document to and we will appropriately file this document away.

Naming agreements

When naming files, please use the following convention

Date Signed or completed_Person/Vendor/Customer/etc._Name of Document/Name of Report/Reason

  • Date Signed or Completed will need to be formatted as __YYYYMMDD. Each word used should be spaced with an "_"

  • Person/Vendor/Customer is should be the contractual legal name of the person or entity name who signed the document

  • Name of Document or Report should be complete words and not abbreviated

For clarity, below are a few examples to guide you:

  • 20190828_John_Smith_Consulting_Agreement

  • 20190808_State_of_CA_Tax_Department_Business_Registration

  • 20190714_ Cooley_LLC._ Master_Service_Agreement

Data retention practice

Once a file or agreement has been named, a Finance Team Member will file this document into 3 separate BOX folders

  1. BY_DATE


  3. BY_TYPE

Sharing information with third-parties

We at Mattermost are a highly transparent company. However, there are times where sensitive information like personal employee data, revenue, and 409A value cannot be shared. Use your best judgment when sharing information to external parties not within Mattermost. If the document or information is something you feel uncomfortable sharing, then chances are that Mattermost would be uncomfortable sharing as well.

If you need to share documents externally, please use BOX to do so and purpose all your documents. Title the BOX folder [OUTSIDE ACCESS] to easily denote which folders where individuals outside of Mattermost have access to. If you are questioning whether to share such information externally, please reach out to

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