How to convert currencies

70% complete. This guide, along with all our guides, is a work-in-progress and iterates as we consider new data and frameworks.


For those staff members that are submitting expenses or other reimbursable items in a currency other than USD, this guide is a reference for you and your manager to review your individual expenses in conjunction with our Global Policies.


All exchange rates are pulled from Netsuite which uses Thomson Reuters.

Rates and Period

We provide a calculated average rate that is updated on the 26th of every month. Our average exchange rate is calculated using ending spot rate on the 25th of every month and the ending spot on the 26th of the preceding month, respectively, divided by two.

Use Case

If or when you have an expense in a foreign currency and our Global Policy is denominated in USD, use the rate the most recent average rates.

Rate Table

For reference to the most updated average exchange rates, refer to Currency Exchange Table Policy.

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