Content development and distribution

General content development workflow

For most individual pieces of content (or content series), the development process will be as follows. Note that all posts will require some amount of customization depending on the audience, topic, and purpose of the content.

Content development and distribution is tracked in our Editorial Calendar in Asana.



Post concept is developed/approved by Editorial team


Post concept is developed/approved by technical lead


Preliminary deadline/timeline set



Post is outlined/drafted by author

Post Author/Ashley

If graphics are required, they should be commissioned/collected during this phase



Technical posts: Fact-checked

Jason B., R&D leadership team

Partner Content: Sent to collaborators for review

Relationship owner (Aaron, Jason, Ashley, etc.)

All Content: Post is proofread and optimized for SEO


Distribution Checklist is added to post draft



Finalized post & graphics uploaded to WordPress


Social posts are uploaded to HootSuite


Additional distribution collateral/messaging finalized

Ashley/Jason B.

Distribution (See Distribution Checklist for complete activities)

Send internal, collaborator & community notifications

Ashley/Jason B.

Submit link to appropriate channels (e.g. Reddit, HN)

Ashley/Jason B./Author

Post to self-submission syndication channels (e.g.,

Ashley/Jason B./Author

Add to nurture campaigns


Performance Evaluation

Review performance at next monthly review cycle (Content Strategy Mtg)


Queue additional social reposts/resubmit to syndication channels as needed


Product content workflows

There are several kinds of recurring content coming from the Product team. These have their own creation & launch processes:

Monthly product releases

Every month the product team drafts a release announcement for alternating product and quality releases. Blog post copy and any relevant screenshots, images, or videos should are shared with the Editorial team ahead of the 16th of every month.

Blog Posts

These posts skip ahead to the Proofread & Distribution Prep stages of content creation and should be scheduled as close as possible to the 16th.

Monthly Newsletter

Using the release copy as a template, the Editorial team [Justin] will draft copy for the monthly email newsletter. This copy is passed to the Marketing Ops owner [TBD] to upload into Marketo for sending. A test email is sent to Justin & Ashley for final approval before the email is scheduled.

Integration releases

Integrations and plugins are not released in cadence with other product releases, but are often critically important to the adoption of Mattermost by users.

Spotlight/round-Up plugin blog post

In order to highlight releases, we’ll do an additional integration release announcement between product releases (the first of the month or closest business day). About two weeks ahead of launch date (or earlier), Aaron R. will flag plugins that will be highlighted in the next integrations launch.

These posts can be focused around a single “spotlight” feature or compile multiple new/existing plugins that fit a specific theme. Content will be repurposed for an email sendout to subscribers that will follow the same workflow as the Monthly Newsletter.

Ex.) Jitsi Launch: Compile the 3 posts about Jitsi (technical, thought leadership, feature spotlight) into a single roundup highlighting this new plugin.

Ex.) CI/CD Plugins: To highlight the new Nimbella plugin, surface several other popular CI/CD plugins and write about how they can be leveraged separately or together.

R&D demos

Weekly feature demos given during the weekly R&D meeting (Thursday) are edited and repurposed to be posted on YouTube and shared on our social media channels the following Tuesday. Each demo will yield several 2-3 minute demo clips.

Branding and workflow TBD.

Distribution checklist

Every new piece of content developed and launched by Mattermost will require some amount of distribution to ensure that it reaches its intended audience. While every content launch will require some degree of customization, most will adhere to the following process.

Social launch

  • Post link on social channels. Social content queueing is handling via Hootsuite. Social posts should include an image, link, and hashtags.

    • All content: Twitter

    • Recruiting and Buyer persona content: Twitter, LinkedIn

    • Company updates and big news: Twitter, LinkedIn, Facebook

Internal/collaborator notifications

  • Send thank you note to collaborators with link to Tweet to share

  • Share internally/with community with link to Tweet to share

  • For sales collateral:

    • Share additional collateral with sales/CSM/support teams

    • Case study/use case slides with quotes & talking points

  • Post link on Hacker News

  • Post link on subreddits. The following are subreddits that we have shared content on in the past. Please review subreddit-specific posting requirements BEFORE posting any content.

    • /r/Mattermost

    • /r/opensource

    • /r/golang

    • /r/reactjs

    • /r/kubernetes


  • Repost to syndication channels


    • HackerNoon

    • DZone


    • Github Readme Project


Additional activities

  • Add to Mattermost nurture campaigns

  • Submit links to 3rd party mailing lists, such as

Distribution template

During the Review phase of content creation, a copy of the Distribution Template will be added to the Draft. The Editorial team will use this template to draft social copy and develop a distribution plan for that individual post.

Distribution Template [for Editorial Team use]

Social Posts

Draft copy for 3 social posts here, including hashtags


Link to social & post art or graphics here

Internal & collaborator messaging

Draft internal messaging here

3rd party forums & roundups

What link sharing sites/forums/email lists should this post be posted to?

3rd party syndication

What communities should this post be submitted to?

Other campaigns

Should this post be added to existing nurture campaigns?

For a copyable template and examples of this Distribution template, visit this Google Doc.

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