Mattermost U.S. Consulting Agreements

U.S. on-demand service provider contracted as an entity for engagement without fixed end date.

This agreement is typically used for vendors who do not require Mattermost to sign a custom agreement. Before you kick off the process, please confirm your vendor satisfies the criteria below. If you are not sure, please reach out to People Ops.


  • A firm or an individual with an LLC

  • Provide ad-hoc services to Mattermost, examples include:

    • Project-Based: for a defined period with pre-set project milestones

    • Ad-hoc services: work that is (i) not continuous (e.g. hours vary month to month) and (ii) typically assigned on an as-needed basis


  1. Confirm you have budget approval to engage with a vendor.

  2. The appropriate CAO should complete the Mattermost U.S. Consulting Agreement Template. Reference the field description guide for help.

  3. Upon completion, the CAO will receive the document via HelloSign. Forward that email to HR and include your vendor's signatory contact information (full name and signature).

  4. HR will review the document to ensure the criteria are met and will forward to the Procurement Team for internal signatures and CC the CAO.

  5. Upon receipt of the fully executed agreement please follow Procurement Step 7 to ensure your vendor is set up for payment.

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