What, where, and when

We try to get together every 12 months or so to get face-time with one another, build community, reinforce our leadership principles, and get some work done! Since our team is scattered all over the globe, we try to plan a different location for each MatterCon.
MatterCon is not a mandatory trip or a department offsite, nor is it a vacation or incentive trip. It's a chance for everyone to meet fellow Mattermost team-members across all departments and regions: part team building, part education, part community building, and hopefully all fun. This is a work trip with fun mixed in.


Our goal is to increase the share of Mattermost in the market by increasing effectiveness, efficiency and communication of our organization through:
  • Building and strengthening relationships.
  • Increasing alignment through understanding of objectives, process and domain topics.
  • Reflecting on and improving processes and plans.
  • Creating a fun culture for contributors and team members.
  • Breaking down work barriers and become more empathetic for team and community members around the world.


All Mattermost staff along with invited contributors.

Code of Conduct

General guidelines and information are on this page but our official Code of Conduct policy is outlined on this page. For the smooth operation of MatterCon, all attendees are asked to sign the code of conduct along with standard a waiver and consent for official conference photography.


MatterCon 2020 registration is now closed.


Bring your significant other
  • Significant Others (SO) are welcome to attend and must register for their own ticket.
  • One guest/SO per team member.
  • You are responsible for any guests you invite.
  • Your guest's presence should not distract you from engaging with other team members and actively participating in Contribute activities.
  • Guests should do their best to get to know many people.
  • Guests are welcome and encouraged to participate in all presentations, events, and meetings that are open to team members.
  • If you're having a meal with your guest, pick a table with more than two seats so you can invite others to join you.
Having your children join you
We have observed from the past that contributors who have chosen to bring children spend significantly less time collaborating with Mattermost team members. If you need to travel with family members, you are expected to fully engage in as many group activities as you are physically able, invite team members to join you during meals, attend all company meetings, and recognize that MatterCon is an investment in the continued growth of the organization. All Mattermost-sponsored activities are 18+. This includes workshops, keynotes, excursions, team dinners.
Leisure time around contribute
  • MatterCon is a work trip, not an incentive trip and should be treated as an opportunity to get to know the Mattermost team better.
  • If you want to enjoy the facilities or the area around it, feel free to book an extra day or more before or after MatterCon.
  • The MatterCon team will plan "regular work time" for you to do regular work such as handling emails. Do not expect to have a normal days work during this week.
  • When you sign up for the activities, you agree to show up. We ask that everyone be accountable to showing up on time and be present for things they have committed to out of respect for your team members and money spent to save you a spot.
  • If you for some reason can no longer attend something you have committed to please cancel your booking or let the planning team know so we can offer your spot to another.
  • When you don't sign up at all, you understand that there will not be a ticket booked for you and there might be no room left in said activities.
Social media
You are encouraged to take pictures and post on social media. If you take pictures of people not on the podium please ask their permission. Please consider using the hashtag #MatterCon.

Contribute sessions

MatterCon has variety of sessions: workshops, presentations, etc. MatterCon isn’t a conference, it's a "meeting of minds”. It's a place to connect and collaborate in an environment where everyone can contribute. We don’t present to our users and customers, or schedule special/VIP time with them. They are expected to join in the overall program.
Team sessions/time
This is scheduled time for teams to have team-only time to discuss their work, strategize, and problem solve.
  • Functional groups meet together (e.g. East Sales, Pipe-to-Spend, Site Reliability Engineering, etc.)
  • Cross-functional groups meet together (e.g. Plan, Create, Verify, etc.)
  • Customers meet together without any Mattermost team-members in the room to talk freely to each other.
Random tips
  • Tip: Label your charger, or other belongings, with your name for easy return to owner in case you lose it.
  • Name badges should include home city, pronoun, company, hugs, how many contributes attended.
  • Check the packing list (coming soon) for what to bring.

Past MatterCons

MatterCon 2021 was Mattermost's first VR conference and was held virtually.
MatterCon 2020 was held at the Melia Nassau Beach resort in Nassau, Bahamas:
Here's what it was like at MatterCon 2019 in Puta Cana, Dominican Republic:
Here's MatterCon 2018 in Lisbon, Portugal:
Here's MatterCon 2017 in Las Vegas, USA:
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