Program Management

Program Management leads and executes key cross-functional programs, working with cross-functional and cross-departmental stakeholders to increase operational efficiency.

Where to find us

You can also find us in Mattermost at:

Who we are

Program Management is led by Ian Tien, co-founder & CEO, and includes:

  • Jason Blais: Director of Program Management

  • Hanna Park: Program Manager

  • Vidhi Saini: Program Coordinator

  • John Combs: Part-time Community Moderator (Agency Contractor)


The team manages several cross-functional programs, including:

  1. Non-MME Customer Operations

  • (Vidhi) Non-commercial account management: All non-commercial renewals executed through Program Management, including non-profit, gratis, and a subset of academic licenses.

  • (Owner TBD) Self-service operations: All commercial non-MME renewals with <$5K ARR executed through Program Management, via self-serve.

    • Process to be added

  • (Owner TBD) Out-of-band non-MME requests: Managing requests, updating docs, routing, and policies to increase efficiency and speed.

    • Process to be added

  • (Owner TBD) Manual license key provisioning and administration: License key provisioning and tracking, outside of automated sales ops workflows, including manual sales-serve Cloud subscriptions & Cloud trial extensions.

    • Process to be added

  • (Hanna) Channel partner operations: Management of gratis partner license key program, maintaining and adding partner marketplace listings, channel operations docs, fulfillment, and partner agreements.

  • (Jason) US Fed SBIR program management: US Fed SBIR program management: Management of SBIR vendor relationship, documentation & submission of SBIR contracts.

    • Process to be added

  1. Company Operations:

  • (Vidhi) Operational scorecard: Managing metrics and reporting for cross-company scorecards.

  • (Jason) GNN reviews: Leading cross-company reviews and GNN read-out process.

    • Process to be added

  • (Hanna) Onboarding/Offboarding: Attend onboarding calls, provide historical context for new people joining the team, and answer questions.

    • Process to be added

  • (Vidhi) Diversity, equity, and inclusion (DE&I): Promoting DE&I within Mattermost staff and community, creating a welcoming environment for all.

    • Process to be added

  1. Community Operations:

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