Recruiting cadences

This section details the different ways the Recruiting team communicates and at what cadence. Hiring Managers play an active role in each cadence.

Recruiting updates

Hiring Managers Mattermost channel

MLT, Recruiting, and any current Hiring Manager should join the Hiring Managers Channel (TBC). The purpose of the channel is to asynchronously communicate important recruiting updates and dive deeper into recruiting topics or challenges with specific roles.

Weekly Recruiting update

Recruiting shares a metrics update in the Hiring Managers Channel every Monday morning by 10 AM Palo Alto time.
Topics covered
  • Candidate Pipeline: This is a stack rank of number of candidates that have been converted to a Recruiter or Hiring Manager Screen.
  • Pipeline Metrics: This includes metrics for each stage of the interview process by role and by priority of role (P0, P1, P2).
  • ICP Alignment: This is based on candidates that are rejected at any point after a Recruiting or Hiring Manager Screen.
  • What's going well: Roles that are on target to be filled within 90 days, roles on track to the mid-interview milestone or MLT/AA interviews.
  • What's not going well: Roles that are't on target to be filled within 90 days, roles that have little traction.

Recruiter intake session

Your Recruiter will schedule an intake session after you’ve completed your Job description and ICP (Ideal Candidate Profile) form. During this call, your Recruiter works with you to ensure alignment on the level, ideal candidate profile, application, screening questions, the interview process, and next steps. This session will also serve as an alignment meeting with the interviewers selected for the panel. The Focus & Screening areas should be defined for each interviewer along with the scorecard and Lever interview feedback form for each one.

Interview feedback

Each interviewer should provide feedback in Lever within 24 hours after meeting with the candidate. The feedback should give as much detail and context as possible. This will help to align expectations both for the Recruiting team and for the final interviewers (MLT and AA). As a guideline, please complete your feedback notes around:
  • Areas that you went through during the interview
  • Likes
  • Wishes
  • Red flags (if any)
  • Alignment to our Leadership Principles
  • Candidate's concerns or questions

Mid-interview sync

Ahead of MLT and AA interviews, the Recruiter may schedule a live mid-interview sync to align on intent to move forward and address any ICP criteria that need additional assessment. If there are multiple candidates in the pipeline, the Recruiter may ask the interview panel to rank the candidate pool. This exercise helps clear any potential blindspots or confusion around role expectations. It also allows the Recruiting team to prioritize the highest-ranking candidates to complete the interview process, as appropriate.
  • Mid-interview sync will be pre-scheduled to occur after the last mid-interviewer completes.
  • If there are multiple candidates for the same role, the sync may be scheduled after all candidates have gone through the last mid-interviewer.
  • If you're an interviewer and can't make the scheduled sync, please make sure to submit complete feedback in Lever ahead of the scheduled sync.