Approvals and iteration

"Earn Trust" is one of our core values as a company and the purpose of this page is to develop a system for approvals and iteration that maximizes the trust of stakeholders in our decisions and processes.

Compensation Approval Process

All compensation changes require approval of the VP of Finance & Operations and the CEO. CTO approval is required ahead of CEO approval for all Engineering compensation changes.

Compensation changes follow a similar process as the annual compensation review process, and includes new hire offers, location-based changes, and any other change requests related to compensation.

  1. Discuss the compensation change request with an HR Partner.

  2. The Manager and Team MLT member to agree on compensation proposal.

  3. HR will send a Compensation Approval Request by email to the appropriate approvers and CC the Manager requesting the change, DRIs for HR (HRIS and change memo), and Payroll. The approval chain is as follows:

    • R&D compensation changes: Team MLT, CTO, HR Director, CEO

    • Non-R&D compensation changes: Team MLT, HR Director, CEO

  4. Upon complete email approval, the Manager will share the compensation update with the staff member and inform HR after the compensation change has been communicated.

  5. Upon confirmation from the Manager, HR will send compensation change memos to each individual and update BambooHR.

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