Mobile app release process

The Mattermost team works on a monthly mobile app release process, with a new version submitted to the iOS App Store and Google Play Store on the 16th of each month.

Please refer to the Mobile Release Playbook for the release checklist.

Note: iOS App Store approval may take a few days after the 16th.

Release Timeline

Note: T-minus counts are measured in "working days" (weekdays, Monday through Friday, excluding the listed statutory holidays) prior to release day.

The Mobile app release schedule follows the cloud/self-hosted release schedule to align all release testing cycles.

Schedule for Mobile App releases:

  • Around T-24

    • This is the Feature Complete deadline for the release.

    • Cut the release branch based off the main branch.

  • T-19

    • Cut RC builds based off the release branch for QA release testing. Release testing begins.

  • Code Freeze at T-10

    • Cut another RC build based off the release branch.

    • Note: More frequent RC builds may be requested by the QA team and the Release Manager as we get closer to the release date and as more regression fixes get merged.

  • Cut Final build at T-8

  • Release Day at T-0

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