Onboarding information and checklists for general staff and departments

Welcome to Mattermost Onboarding! The goal of the Onboarding program is to welcome and enable new colleagues into a safe and compliant working environment with a strong sense of belonging within their first 90 days at Mattermost.

Onboarding is an all-company partnership between a new colleague and Mattermost. Specifically this includes a new colleague’s manager, functional and working teams, onboarding peers, HR and MLT.

Post-Onboarding Readiness

Post-Onboarding Readiness is an internal measure based on feedback throughout a new team member’s first 90 days at Mattermost. There are multiple milestones throughout the onboarding process where feedback is solicited. This feedback assesses how willing and enabled a new colleague is to bring their best self to Mattermost as it relates to their role expectations, team and company focuses, and the Mattermost Leadership Principles.

Feedback is requested from the new colleague's peers throughout the 90-day Onboarding. These consistent check-ins help new colleagues, HR, and managers iterate with impact quickly. For example, one of the V2MOM - Destination Workplace Measures is to have fewer than 5% questions repeat month-over-month.

Onboarding Feedback to Assess Post-Onboarding Readiness

Onboarding Surveys


New Staff Feedback Session with CEO and HR

Similar to CEO listening tours in this session, new colleagues are asked to share likes and wishes about anything related to Mattermost and the Onboarding Program.

New Colleague Feedback

The 90-Day Feedback provides a 360 shoulder check for new team members, managers, HR, and MLT to understand and clarify potential blindspots as well as catch potential brown M&Ms early on.

This is not a formal performance review. The intent is to align expectations and improve performance early on. Peer feedback is not anonymous. Managers may need additional context from the panel to help increase the new colleague's performance and Post-Onboarding Readiness. Managers should keep peer feedback anonymous in the 90-Day Evaluation with the new colleague. Managers should also evaluate feedback based on their own expectations of the new colleague's role. In some cases, expectations may need to be reset with colleagues. Uncovering blindspots early on helps everyone avoid future confusion or misaligned efforts.

New Colleague 90-Day Feedback Process


  • Complete a new colleague peer panel form for the new staff member. Mattermost notifications are sent to managers on a new colleague's 75th date of employment. This kicks off the review process.

  • Managers receive a unique link to track and view peer panel results after the survey is sent.

  • People Ops share the new colleague's self-assessment with their manager once completed.

  • Complete and share the 90-Day New Colleague Manager Feedback with the new colleague and HR.

    • Note: HR files the review in BambooHR so a new colleague can access it at any time. Also, this review is part of the Post-Onboarding Readiness metric assessment. This review is not a formal review.

New Colleagues


  • Complete peer review via the Survey Monkey link you received or using one of the links below: