Contributor kindness

While we hope the idea of treating everyone how you would like to be treated is a good start, we wanted to lay out some specific guidelines for interaction to ensure everyone is kind and respectful to one another. You can take a look at the specific rules of interaction in every Mattermost project, as governed by our Code of Conduct, activities by contributors and other community members.

Respect one's time

With the scale of Mattermost and its communities, we can't assume everyone is working at the same pace as ourselves. We also can't be aware of all the constraints on an individual's time. Whether there are personal or professional responsibilities, many people have significant draws on their time. If someone you need input from is unreachable, reach out in a kind way. If the issue isn't a blocker, give the other person ample time to respond.

Respect one's timezone

With contributors and staff around the world, there is no way to know when any person involved in Mattermost is available. Some folks will work their local 9-5 but others choose hours convenient to them and their team. Be conscious of when people are available and what works for them. Again, if it isn't a blocker, patience helps. If it's a blocker, perhaps reach out and see if someone else can help.

Use kind words

Often when we're in a professional setting we think the goal is to be to-the-point. But, occasionally, brevity can be confused for being terse. Using kind words, along with thankful responses when others assist us, helps make the process not just more cordial, but also welcoming. This is especially important when considering new members to our community.

Respecting differences

Being a global community means people from all walks of life are involved in making Mattermost amazing. While we may not all see things from the same point of view, it's important to always take a moment to take another person's perspective into account. When interacting with others be open-minded and courteous toward their thoughts and statements. Be patient and if things remain unclear, perhaps a polite request to explain the meaning of things may help.

We want Mattermost to be safe, secure, and welcoming to all people anywhere in the world. Kindness goes a long way to building what we want our community to be.

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