Security Operations

The Security Operations team is responsible for the security monitoring and operational security policies of the Mattemost organization.

Areas of Ownership

  • Security Incident Response Program

    • Active monitoring and analysis of security events taking place across company, product, and service, platforms

    • Implementation, upkeep, and growth of security monitoring and analysis platforms

    • Availability of log ingestion and processing infrastructure

    • Create, review, and enforce operational security policies, procedures, along with controls related to existing and future-planned compliance frameworks

  • Infrastructure Vulnerability Management Program

    • Maintain visibility of industry trends, emerging security issues, 0day/vulnerabilities

    • Contribute to customer security questionnaires on operational security and compliance topics

    • Act on results of Red Team / Penetration Testing against Mattermost (the company) and product/service infrastructure

    • Monitoring and upkeep of Endpoint Detection & Response (EDR)

    • Access control for Engineering tools and services, and integration with Okta

    • Engage in verification and impact of product vulnerabilities as it relates to Community and Cloud-hosted instances

  • Analysis, verification, and reaction to phishing and other malicious email

    • Management and upkeep of Vault infrastructure and policies

    • Management and upkeep of Teleport (cloud/company) platform

    • Management and upkeep of Pritunl VPN platform

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