The Delivery team enables Mattermost Engineering to deliver products of high quality, secure, scalable, and efficient fashion to Mattermost customers. The team ensures that Mattermost scheduled, security, and patch releases are publicly released in a timely fashion.


By its own nature, the Delivery team is a backstage, non-user feature facing team whose product and output has a high impact on day to day development operations, quality and releases. The team creates the workflows, frameworks, tools, architecture, and automation for Engineering teams to see their work reach production effectively and efficiently.


  • CI/CD blueprints, tooling & infrastructure for dev & testing workflows

  • Automation test framework

  • Automate release generation and reduce Release Manager toil work

  • Improve security principles in Mattermost software supply chain

  • Extend release environments to improve testing for Mattermost releases


  • Guard and raise end-product quality standards

  • Treat our work like a product

  • Promote self-serve

  • Aim to make our work easy to use

  • Influence best practices

How we work

Reaching our Team

Every week we have a support rota who is responsible for troubleshooting any S1/P1 related issues.

ReasonContact (order priority)Via

S1/P1 Deployment/Release related issues

  • @release-manager group mention

  • @delivery-rota group mention


Quality related issues / verification

  • @qa-guild group mention


CI/CD Blueprints & Automated testing issues for day to day

  • First check our knowledge base [HERE - TBD]


Influence and help with best practices

  • First check our knowledge base [HERE - TBD]


Areas of Ownership

The team regularly works on the following tasks, in the order of priority:

  • Ensuring continuous delivery of Mattermost products to SaaS and self-managed

  • Participating in incident resolution and acting on corrective actions for SaaS and self-managed software delivery

  • Minimizing the use of custom tooling by building or enhancing features within Mattermost

  • Improving the robustness of SaaS software delivery by creating and improving tooling (release & testing)

  • Coordination, education, and preparation of Mattermost releases for SaaS and self-managed users for the scheduled minor, patch, and security releases

  • Review release metrics



Triage & Planning

Delivery Planning



Cross-org collaboration

Infrastructure Guild

Leadership, Infrastructure, Product, Security


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