People compliance

Our security and data privacy policies are located in the Security Page - Policies section. All staff members are required to onboard with Vanta, a software solution used to document policy acceptance and device security. Vanta also helps support our audit process, a compliance standard for our SOC2 certification.
To do this, please go to

Code of Conduct

All Staff and Contractors have a duty to immediately reach out to their manager, Human Resources, the Legal Department, or Senior Leadership when they learn of potentially unlawful or unethical behavior as noted in the Mattermost Code of Conduct and the Mattermost Code of Conduct Supplement linked above. Your first line of contact should be your manager or Human Resources. If they are unavailable, or if you’re not comfortable, you can contact the Legal Department, or Senior Leadership. Alternatively, staff may use the Mattermost Anonymous Tip Form.
For questions, please reach out via these channels:

Labor notices

As a remote workplace, we don't have a physical office or breakroom where we can post labor or employment notices. This handbook page is our version of this.


US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission