People compliance

Our security and data privacy policies are located in the Security Page - Policies section.

Code of Conduct

All Staff and Contractors have a duty to immediately reach out to their manager, Human Resources, the Legal Department, or Senior Leadership when they learn of potentially unlawful or unethical behavior as noted in the Mattermost Code of Conduct and the Mattermost Code of Conduct Supplement linked above. Your first line of contact should be your manager or Human Resources. If they are unavailable, or if you’re not comfortable, you can contact the Legal Department, or Senior Leadership. Alternatively, staff may use the Mattermost Anonymous Tip Form.

For questions, please reach out via these channels:

  • Ask the People Team Channel - use this channel for non-confidential questions

  • - email this alias for confidential questions

Export Compliance

Mattermost employees involved in the export of items must familiarize themselves with the corporate export compliance policy, be able to identify issues and, at a minimum, know when to contact Any questions that you have regarding the contents of this manual or the details of a particular transaction should be forwarded to Mattermost's VP, Legal.

Labor notices

As a remote workplace, we don't have a physical office or breakroom where we can post labor or employment notices. This handbook page is our version of this.


US Equal Employment Opportunity Commission

Mattermost is required by US federal regulations to maintain certain demographic information of personnel and applicants. As part of this requirement, all US-based staff are invited to voluntarily self-identify with demographic categories set by the EEOC, including: race/ethnicity, sex, disability status, and/or veteran status. Mattermost will only use the information provided in ways that are consistent with our obligations under equal opportunity employment laws. Any disability information will be kept separate from all other personnel records, and will only be accessed by appropriate staff in the Human Resources department; however, managers may be informed of disability-related work restrictions and accommodations, where necessary. Providing the information is voluntary and will not affect the terms and conditions of employment. If US-based staff members choose not to self-identify their race or ethnicity, the US federal government requires Mattermost to determine this information using visible observation and/or other available information. Mattermost is committed to equal employment opportunities for all staff in all matters of employment regardless of race, religion, national origin, age, gender, disability, or veteran status, or any other status protected by law.

To voluntarily self-identify race/ethnicity, sex, and/or veteran status:

    1. Log in to TriNet.

    1. Select the View/Edit Profile link located under your name and title.

    1. On the Personal Info tab, select Edit.

    1. Make changes and select Save.

  • To voluntarily self-identify a disability, complete this form via DocuSign: Voluntary Form to Self-Identify a Disability.

Right to Work

Notification of Employee Rights Under the National Labor Relations Act (NLRA)

E-Verify Participation

Whistleblower Protection Notices

Notices for US States

*Alaska Whistleblower Protection Notice

US States Sick Leave Policies

Sick Leave Posters for US states/cities

San Francisco Health Care Security Ordinance

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