Desktop app release process

This document outlines the release process for the Mattermost desktop app.

Desktop app releases follow a fixed schedule of 4 releases per year. Releases ship quarterly by the 16th of February, May, August, and November of each year.

A dot release will be prepared sooner if Electron releases a security update, or if other urgent bugs are found.

Please refer to the desktop app release playbook for the release checklist.

For the desktop app release build process, please refer to this document.

Release timeline

Note: T-minus counts are measured in "working days" (weekdays other than major holidays concurrent in US and Canada) prior to release day.

Every 3 months, the Desktop app release milestones follow the cloud/self-hosted release milestones to align all release testing cycles.

Schedule for Desktop App releases:

  • Cut release branch at T-24. This is also the Feature Complete deadline.

  • Cut RC-1 at T-19.

  • Code Freeze at T-10.

  • Cut Final build at T-8.

  • Release Day at T-0.

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