Software systems

50% complete. This guide, along with all our guides, is a work-in-progress and iterates as we consider new data and frameworks.

The IT team at Mattermost looks to empower everyone with the software systems they need to work effectively. A default list of applications is automatically provisioned to each staff member on their start date based off their role.

An additional list of applications that can be requested are available through the helpdesk portal:

Software inactivity

All licenses are audited on a quarterly basis to ensure they're being utilized effectively. As a part of this audit, any accounts that have been inactive for over 90 days will be deactivated. This does not mean access is permanently lost, if you require access again, please reach out to the helpdesk and the IT team will be happy to assist.

Software purchases

The software purchase policy can be found in the how to spend company money section of the Handbook.

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