Customer Success

DashboardBrief description

Dashboard showing self-hosted customers with telemetry turned on (number of paid seats, number of activated users)


DashboardBrief description

List of self-hosted instances enriched by Clearbit

Use this dashboard to learn more about a specific Cloud lead when server ID is known

Cloud leads and PQL breakdown, number of Cloud PQLs generated per week, etc

Self-hosted PQL breakdown, number of Self-hosted PQLs generated per week, etc


Finance and Accounting (Under Development)


DashboardBrief description

Key product statistics

Quarterly Trailing & Server Version NPS

Overview of server versions and client versions in use

Boards adoption metrics

Playbooks adoption metrics

Calls adoption metrics

Customer User Groups feature adoption metrics

Insights feature adoption metrics

Telemetry-Enabled Daily Active Users

Telemetry-Enabled Daily Active Servers

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DashboardBrief description

freemium trends, DAU, NPS, etc.

signup funnel, day x retention rates, etc

self-serve conversion trends

revenue trends, top customers

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