Arrange a Bounty Program


A bounty program framework is used whenever Mattermost would like to issue an opportunity for community developers to create a solution to an outstanding problem we've identified and would like to encourage work on. This helps us to develop solutions that are more full-featured and give us better control over the outcome versus just asking the community to contribute.

Scoping a bounty project

When a bounty project opportunity has been identified, the bounty lead at Mattermost will prepare a requirements document detailing:

  • Project deliverable

  • Start and end date of the project

  • Estimated bounty to be paid

The document will be sent to the Bounty MM Channel where Finance will review the spend. If spending is approved, you may begin to engage the community and prospects.

Countries/regions not allowed at this time

Although we’d like to be able to administer a bounty program to anyone and anywhere in the world, we cannot. Similar to the no hire list, all bounty programs are governed by the Location Strategy. If you're engaging in a Bounty Program, please reach out to and prior to starting any work to ensure that person resides in a country/region we can support. Please do not engage someone in the community to participate in a Mattermost-sponsored Bounty Program if we do not support business dealings in the country/region as we will be unable to pay the contributor.

Please note that this list is evolving. Make sure to check the current list prior to engaging any community member regarding a Bounty Program as countries/regions can be removed and re-added to the list.

Selected bounty contributor

Once the bounty lead and bounty contributor have agreed to the terms, please have the contributor complete the following:

Submit all forms to

Completed bounty project

A bounty project is deemed completed when the bounty lead has submitted the approval in the Bounty MM Channel with their approval of the submission. At which point the community member may submit the invoice to

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