New staff performance review

An Informal Performance Review

The New Staff Performance Review is intended to provide align expectations and improve performance early on, prior to a new staff member's 90th day.

Review Process

  • Managers

  • Log in to Lattice > Performance. On your Lattice home page, complete the request to select those who will make up the peer panel for the new staff member. Note that only FT Staff are included in the Lattice platform. If you however wish to solicit feedback from PT Staff or from a community member, you may do so by entering their email address.

  • Email notifications are sent to managers at the beginning of the month of the new hire's three-month anniversary. This will kick-off the review process.

    • Peer review results will be automatically shared with you in Lattice once reviews have been submitted.

    • The new hire's Self-Reflection will be available in Lattice for you to review once submitted.

    • While writing the 90-day review, you'll have access to any feedback you've gathered about the new staff using their Self-Reflection and the peer feedback.

  • New staff members

  • Complete the 90-day Self-Reflection in Lattice. Email notifications are sent to you at the beginning of the month of your three-month anniversary. You can also find the prompt to write your 90-day Self-Reflection on your Lattice home page.

  • Peers

  • Complete your peer feedback in Lattice. You will receive an email invitation from Lattice. You can also find the request to provide feedback in your Lattice home page.

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