Jira fix versions

Developers, Product Managers, Release and Quality Assurance teams use the Fix Version field for the following purposes:
  • Developers:
    • Fix Version field is the one that shows up on individual tickets in the backlog view.
    • For Story tickets, the Fix Version is used for soft guidelines for what is targeted for what release.
    • For Bug tickets, the Fix Version is used to know which bugs are priority based on where we are in the release cycle.
  • Product Managers:
    • To prioritize backlog.
    • To estimate/plan what Story tickets ship in what release.
  • Release Manager:
    • Follow status of resolved, open and submitted tickets for current release.
    • Compose various release metrics.
  • Quality Assurance:
    • Prioritize testing of tickets and associated PRs for the next release.
    • Assess completeness of a release before cutting final.
    • Track when changes actually went in, to help investigate bugs and expected behavior.
    • Report on issues, changes, and tests by release.