Mattermost Leadership Team (MLT)

Mattermost Leadership Team (MLT) consists of Mattermost department heads plus the CEO

Mattermost Leadership Team (MLT)

This section outlines:

  • Introduction to MLT

  • The operations of administrative, tactical, and strategic meetings

  • Process for alignment and cascading communications

  • Process for quarterly business reviews, planning, and board meetings

Introduction to MLT

  • Ian Tien: Co-Founder and CEO

  • Corey Hulen: Co-Founder and CTO

  • Kendra Niedziejko: CFO

  • David Reardon: Chief Revenue Officer

  • Nirosha Ruwan: VP, Legal

  • Chen-i Lim: VP, Product

  • Natalie Jew: VP Human Resources

Fiscal Year Planning (1%)

Preparation for the annual plan and budget for the next fiscal year begins in the second half of the current fiscal year.

Q3 Planning for Next Fiscal Year

In Q3 we have three goals:

  1. Fiscal year defining objectives for company and departments based on our latest thinking.

  2. Product Strategy and direction for next fiscal year.

  3. D0 & D1 Goals by MLT and MLX Directly Responsible Individual

Typically there is not pressure for budget or headcount discussions in Q3, focus is strategy.

Q3 Punchlist for Next Fiscal Year Planning

  1. The company 3-year aspirations are reviewed

  2. 1% Next Fiscal Year Strategy and Plan are drafted

  3. At Q3 Planning Offsite, MLT reviews Strategy and Plan for next fiscal year developed from 1% draft

  4. Action items are documented and developed around obstacles to success of next fiscal year

  5. Draft budget based on Strategy and Plan and financial investments required to bring plan to life

Q4 Planning for Next Fiscal Year

The focus of Q4 is arriving at a 99% draft of the plan for next fiscal with alignment across MLT and departments, with obstacles mitigated, and headcount and budgets reviewed.

  1. MLT and middle managers work through key defining objectives and map out D0 and D1 goals for next fiscal year

  2. Finance works with MLT to draft financials plan for next fiscal year

  3. Department heads work with their teams, peer stakeholders, and CEO to develop department D2 and D3 goals.

  4. 99% department D2 & D3 goals are reviewed by MLT peers and CEO and agreed

  5. Plan for next fiscal year

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