Hardware buy back policy

Staff members have the option to buy back their existing hardware (laptop, desktop, phone, tablet etc.) either when it gets refreshed for a new one (which is on average, 3 years from purchase date - not necessarily 3 years of employment), or when the staff member is offboarding. For additional guidance on purchasing a new laptop for the purposes of a refresh, please refer to the How to spend company money policy.

If the staff member has completed one calendar year or more at Mattermost at the time of offboarding, they can opt to keep their device at no cost. In some countries, this benefit is viewed as compensation. Any payroll or withholding taxes incurred will be paid by Mattermost on behalf of the staff member. If the staff member hasn't completed one calendar year at the time of offboarding or is receiving an early hardware refresh, they have the option to purchase their hardware from Mattermost at current market value.

If the hardware requires a buyout, IT will send the staff member an email with the determined value. Then if the employee decides to move forward with the purchase, our accounting department will reach out with payment information.

If a staff member decides to retain their hardware, they are required to wipe the device, re-install the base operating system, and remove any and all software and configurations that were supplied by Mattermost. You'll be required to sign a document acknowledging you have not taken or retained any confidential Mattermost software or data.

Requirements for keeping a device

  1. Perform system reset with data deletion:

  2. Email IT@mattermost.com providing a picture from the device set up screen, the device serial number, and the type of device (desktop, tablet, phone, laptop, etc.)

If staff members opt not to keep or purchase their existing hardware, they will need to return them to Mattermost.

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