MatterCon 2021 will be Mattermost's first VR conference. Using Oculus Quest 2 devices, we'll be meeting up virtually from June 22 - 24, 2021. Join the MatterCon2021 channel on Community. Use the hashtag #mattercon2021.

Agenda and information

Visit the MatterCon2021 landing page to get links to FAQs and the schedule.

For questions about tickets, schedule, events, and anything else visit the MatterCon2021 Community channel or ping @hanna.park directly.

Community engagement information

We'll have multiple opportunities for staff members to engage with the community on June 24th, our official Community Day.

  1. Submit AMA questions for our top contributor panel here.

  2. Sign up to be a Community Buddy here.

What's expected of a Community Buddy?

A Community Buddy is an internal staff member who's paired up with a member of our community. We'll default to pairing people up based on time zones to be most convenient for them. However if there's a specific community member you'd like to work with, please indicate that on the form above.

You'll be expected to reach out to them via Mattermost to let them know that you're their buddy, and that you'll be available throughout the event in case they have any questions, comments, etc. If you're not the right person to answer their questions, it will be your responsibility to reach out to the correct person, and make sure they connect back with your buddy. We'll also expect you to engage with them throughout the event (via Mattermost) periodically, so that they feel as welcomed and included as possible.

MatterCon2021 Thinkathon

The theme for this year's MatterCon is New Ideas. Visit the Community team's post about the Thinkathon to share your ideas - no matter how outlandish they may seem!

Getting ready for Mattercon2021

Setting up the Oculus Quest 2

  1. Log in using your Facebook account. If you don't have one or don't want to use your personal Facebook account, feel free to create a Facebook account using your email.

  2. Download the Oculus app on your phone/mobile device.

  3. A couple of good first free apps to try are called First Steps and Beat Saber Demo.

  4. Download and create an account on the Spatial app on the same phone/mobile device.

  5. Create a realistic avatar on the Spatial app.

  6. Pair Oculus Quest 2 headset.

  7. Sneak peek at MatterCon 2021 and say hi to the Focalbirds in the Mattermost VR Gallery.

  8. Help decorate and/or add to the Mattermost VR Gallery.

Create your own team room (think VR booth at a virtual conference) on Spatial!! Sign up on Focalboard

  1. First, join the MatterCon2021 channel on Community.

  2. Make your team room by creating a +NEW SPACE on your Spatial app with your phone or browser.

  3. Select the up arrow box on the RHS and change the options to share with Anyone with a link.

  4. Select +New =>TO DO card with the name of your team and the Spatial URL to the team room.

  5. Check out the People Team's room, please note it is currently under construction.

  6. Decorate your team room for MatterCon VR 2021 and show us what your team is up to! #sharingiscaring.

Note: If you encounter an error when logging into Focalboard, check that you've joined the corresponding channel - MatterCon 2021 in this case. Then select the Focalboard button in the header. If that doesn't work, your OAuth session token may have expired. It expires every 7 days. To fix this, close the tab, and open Focalboard from the MatterCon2021 channel header.

There are additional troubleshooting steps in the Mattermost-Focalboard announcement. If this doesn't resolve the problem, let the Focalboard team know.

Setting up Spatial

  1. Search for the Spatial app inside your OCULUS MOBILE APP and download/install/start.

  2. Download the Spatial app on your PHONE.

  3. Sign up using your email.

    • If you don't have a Mattermost email please use your personal email and DM @hanna.park to be added to the MatterConVR21 Spatial.

  4. Give yourself a name.

  5. Create a 3D avatar by taking a picture with your webcam, uploading a photo, or skip.

    • If you skip this you will have a generic faceless avatar. You can upload a photo if you don't like your avatar.

  6. Choose body type.

  7. Wait for your avatar.

  8. Select LOOKS GOOD.

  9. Enter Spatial (btw we're still on the phone).

  10. In the top right corner, select the Pair Headset guy.

  11. Put on your Oculus Quest 2 (OQ2), and open your Spatial app. You'll see the code to pair your OQ2 with the Spatial app on your phone.

    • The right Oculus button is your menu button. You'll see all the apps you own, your friends, VR settings etc.

Well done, you just paired your OQ2 to the Spatial app!


  1. Put on your OQ2 headset.

  2. Open the Spatial app if it isn't already open.

  3. Select the Intro to Spatial space.

  4. Go through steps 1-5.

  5. Leave the Intro to Spatial space by pressing the menu button on your left hand (small circle grooved-in button).

  6. Leave room.

  7. Slight grab and swipe left and right to find the Mattermost VR Gallery and team rooms!

    • If you don't see your team room, create one and share the link with @hanna.park.

  8. Go into the Mattermost VR Gallery, look around, say hi to all the focalbirds, take a selfie, leave a sticky, post your pet pics and help decorate our gallery!

Community VR tips and tricks

Staying charged up

(@aaron.rothschild) If you have a MacBook, use its USB-C charging cord with your Oculus if you're running low on batteries in a pinch. It's much longer than the cord that comes with your Oculus Headset. Also, you can plug that USB-C cord from your Oculus into your MacBook to give additional range from the plug in your wall. There's also in the experimental settings area, a way to set your "real Desk" so it is picked up by the Oculus and shows an outline of your standing desk in a virtual world so you don't bump into it. This helps so I can place the controllers down or lean my hands on my desk while in a virtual meeting.

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