Corporate credit card policy

Corporate credit card oath

It is the expectation that each corporate cardholder will act responsibly and in good faith, treating the possession and use of the credit card as a right and not a privilege. Failure to spend company money within reason could result in privileges being revoked.

The defining attributes of a responsible cardholder include the following:

  • Abiding by the How to Spend Company Money policy.

  • Avoiding business-related purchases as an expense. Travel and one-time expenses such as individual travel meals, airfare, team dinner, etc. are allowable expenses to put on your corporate credit card. Business-related expenses such as software spend, hosting costs, prepayments for conference events, and other large or recurring expenses that are not individual or one-time expense in nature should follow the Purchasing Process.

  • Reviewing and validating credit card transactions in a timely manner. If there is an unknown or suspicious charge(s), follow the Fraudulent Charges steps.

As a cardholder, you are the primary individual responsible for the card. You are ultimately responsible for all charges on your card including those by other staff members. Your responsibility to ensure the following:

  • All charges incurred have a corresponding receipt with a description of the business expense to justify the purpose. If you have an executive assistant facilitating your reports please provide them with your receipts.

  • Expense reports with corporate credit card expenses will be submitted with an expense timely but no later than the last day of the month, and a minimum once a month. It is however recommended to submit more often than once a month to avoid a backlog and administrative burdens.

Submitting corporate credit card expense reports

Corporate credit cards have a direct link to Expensify allowing transactions to automatically push from American Express to Expensify the day after a purchase is made, each as an individual expense under the Mattermost, Inc - AMEX & Chase Policy. If you do not see a known credit card transaction, reach out to the Purchases Channel and a member from the Finance team can manually push these from American Express to Expensify.

All expenses incurred in the month should be properly categorized. As corporate cards are used for large business-related expenses, there are several more categories available under the Mattermost, Inc - AMEX & Chase Policy than all other policies.

Fraudulent charges

If an erroneous or fraudulent charge is discovered on a corporate card, it is the staff member's responsibility whose name the card is under, to promptly and with urgency dispute the charge. Below are the steps to follow:

  • If there is a fraudulent charge or charge that cannot be identified on a staff members corporate card, the staff member should immediately reach out to Finance at to inform Finance of the suspicious charge(s) on your card.

  • Submit a dispute inquiry with American Express immediately and send a copy of the dispute to Finance at

  • Please follow all recommendations by American Express including terminating the existing card and reissuing a new card if this is required. Please keep the Finance team informed including what the resolution is with American Express.

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