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What we're doing

The Documentation Working Group (DWG) channel is where you'll find us, and you can view our current projects in the channel's board.

How to engage with us

If you have content you'd like to discuss, a UI review, a PR, or found a gap in the docs, here's how to get hold of us:

  • The Documentation Working Group channel: Use the hashtag #docsteam to get our attention.

  • GitHub PR: Use this option when you've created content and need it reviewed, expect feedback asap and possible editorial changes. Tip: Start a draft in Google docs if you're not sure about the content you'd like to edit and we're happy to help.

  • DocUp: Use this to create an issue from a message that is delivered to the docs repo. You can expect acknowledgement of your issue and next steps asap. Note: You can also create an issue manually in the Docs repo. Make sure to tag one of us for visibility!

  • Group Message: Use this option to formalize a discussion from a call or meeting.

Note: If your request is for documentation related to a release, the documentation needs to be complete at least 10 days prior to release. Please ensure you allow sufficient time for your request to be completed or it will be moved to the next available slot.

We appreciate these processes being followed as it helps us prioritize and ensure coverage for all work.

What happens next?

That depends on the work requested. We'll let you know the next steps and keep you updated along the way!

Submit a PR

When submitting a PR for documentation, whether it's a minor update, a new piece of content, or a content proposal, please add the Editor Review label (if possible). Once the Technical Writer/Editor has reviewed the PR they'll remove the label. When all the requested reviews are complete, the Reviews Complete label is applied and the changes are merged.

Use Doc Up to create a GitHub issue

Requests for documentation can be made within, using the Doc Up plugin embedded in the post menu. Access the Doc Up plugin by hovering over a message and selecting the ... menu.

When you select Doc Up and choose Admin as the issue type, an issue is generated in the GitHub docs repo, and added to the issues list. An update is listed in the Documentation channel, with the issue link. You can also select Developer or Company Handbook to direct the Doc Up request to the appropriate repo.

As the issues are open to the community, the more information provided in the issue the better.

Review the issue in the docs repo, developer documentation repo, or handbook repo and add any links to appropriate documentation and/or Jira tickets. This ensures that the assignee is able to take on and complete the work within the turnaround times.

Create a GitHub issue

If you have feedback on our documentation, a suggestion, or new content you'd like to add but don't know where to put it - you can create a GitHub issue.

The issue will be reviewed by the Technical Writing team and a Help Wanted label may be added so that community members are able to identify work that they’re able to assist with. If your documentation request/issue applies to a repository other than mattermost/docs, you can ping @justinegeffen or @cwarnermm. Alternatively, you can open an issue in that repo.

Our prioritization process

We understand that all work is important and urgent in some way. However, as a small team, we need to ensure that our coverage is managed tightly.

P1: Urgent and important

  • A page is broken

  • Steps are missing from a critical process

  • An important link is broken

  • An image is broken/not displaying

P2: Important

  • Content is inaccurate; will affect customer goals and productivity

  • Information about new features or changes isn't documented and needs to be

P3: Not urgent/not important

  • Enhancement to the user experience of the docs

Our Board

If urgent and important work is identified, we'll add it to our DWG Board and you can follow its progress there.

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